Bringing on baby…

They say that patience is a virtue.  They say all things come to (s)he who waits.  Hmmm… well 9-months of waiting is, I would say, frankly long enough and as my due date came and went this Tuesday, I’m left wondering if there really is a baby in there or if it’s all been a figment of my imagination?!

Believing there to really be a baby in there, in a bid to encourage her into the world, I am now obsessed with tactics to move things along.  The drinking of raspberry leaf tea began in earnest about a week ago and while I’ll admit it, I have been sporadic in my brewing, none the less it seems to have achieved zilch so far.

Hot food.  Specifically curry.  I’ve eaten more curries in the last few days than I would normally average in a year, but so far all it’s brought on is a runny nose… no baby.

Yesterday I saw my midwife.  For a “sweep”.  Ugh.  Lying back and thinking of baby, I took the opportunity to practice my deep breathing – in anticipation of the main event – and tried not to allow my mind to freak out my body at what exactly was happening.  But despite putting myself through it (okay admittedly it wasn’t actually painful, more just a weird sensation) all my midwife could tell me was that everything appears to be tightly closed inside and labour isn’t looking imminent.  Sigh.

Today I’m off for acupuncture.  Rather than just working on circulating my chi (!!) as we normally do and, as has been the case for the last few weeks, preparing my body for labour, this time my acupuncturist will work on specific points that help “descend” things – excellent; descending is what I’m after.  We’ll see.

Of course those reading this who are familiar with the recommendations given to overdue women to bring on labour will know there is one course of action I haven’t yet touched on…. a bit of “how’s your father”.

Well, as you can tell, at this point I’m willing to try pretty much anything… but first, I’m off for a long walk and more than one slice of pineapple upside down cake.


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12 thoughts on “Bringing on baby…

  1. I went eight days over before they induced me. Horrendous experience, but The Boy was 10lb 5oz when born. Can you imagine how big he’d been if they’d made me go ’til I naturally popped?!

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. I can imagine how it must feel to wait when you’re overdue even though I didn’t have to as I was getting fed up by 39 weeks. Escaped induction but also ended up with a caesarean after a long labour.

  3. I began “Operation Evict Baby” when I was 37 weeks. Just Raspberry leaf tea to begin with. By week 39, I was having an entire pineapple for breakfast, curry for tea, walking lots & rubbing clary sage oil moisturiser into my bump. I went into labour 4 days before my due date.
    I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with baby 2 and plan on doing the same as I did last time but without the pineapple. PS I popped over via TheBoyAndMe’s show off showcase xx

    • haha wow you really went to town on all those bring on baby remedies! glad it worked for you, it didn’t for me as my little one was 2 weeks overdue, still she arrived safe and sound in the end and that’s what mattered most! good luck with baby number two and thanks for popping by xx

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