Elephant in the room…

Not so much in the idiomatic sense, but certainly in terms of a physical presence, I feel as though in the last few days I may have become the proverbial “elephant in the room”.

In fairness, so far, the bump has been good enough to stay pretty self-contained and I’ve been lucky not to significantly expand in other parts of my anatomy that might have otherwise felt inclined to join the podging-up party.  But nonetheless, as I head towards 41 weeks, I think there is the potential for some last minute chubbing-up.  And no, I refuse to accept that Chocolate Hob Nobs are at the root of this problem, it’s all baby (and possibly water retention, who knows, I’m not a doctor).

My hands were the first to start.  Wedding/engagement rings came off some time ago and now my fingers are more like chipolatas (not attractive).  But what’s concerned me most recently is that now my face seems to have got in on the act.  I’ve tried looking at it from different angles (I have a lot of time on my hands, so sue me!) and in different lights, and there definitely seems to be the emergence of what could only be described as a double-chin.  Not a good look.

What next?  Well now it seems my cheekbones have gone absent without leave.  I’m off to send out a search party.

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