Passing time…

One week overdue today (sigh) and one month since I left work, so I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve been passing the time. 

Week one, very productive.  The novelty of being at home during the week was almost overwhelming and the potential for all the things I could get done was truly exhilarating (I admit, I’m a person with deep love for a “to do” list).  I had my wonderful chef of a father come over and cook up a smorgasbord of delicious meals that we then individually portioned and put in the freezer, ready for the time when baby arrives and I lose the ability to cook.  I sorted myself out with a cleaner, for when I lose the time and ability to pass the hoover (well that’s not necessarily baby-related, but I’m told by mummy friends it’s a necessity despite the fact you’re now at home).  I attended NCT classes, made soup, wrote thank you cards, shopped around for quotes for new blinds, got waxed (ouch!), and went into a laundry/ironing frenzy.  Nice.

Week two, thought I should balance out productiveness with some relaxation.  I lunched with mum, who also very helpfully took over the ironing frenzy; I washed all the baby clothes and put them away neatly in the nursery; packed my hospital bag; made more soup; went to see Black Swan in the middle of the week, middle of the afternoon (freaky, but good); and enjoyed some acupuncture with the lovely and excellent Victoria at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Richmond.

Week three, novelty starting to wear off a little, I’ll admit.  But, I enjoyed a nice treatment at The Sanctuary thanks to my lovely work colleagues who’d bought me a voucher; did yet more laundry/ironing (wow, there’s a never ending story eh?!); had a bizarre conversation with the benefits office re my statutory maternity pay claim where I had to answer questions like “do you or your partner live in a nursing or residential home”… I’m 9 months pregnant, seriously, what are the chances?!; saw the midwife; had more acupuncture; did a baby/child first aid course (British Red Cross – very good, highly recommend); and had a delightful afternoon tea/baby-shower with some girlfriends at County Hall Restaurant.   But perhaps my best discovery of the week… the 11am Tuesday cinema screening at the Richmond Odeon – technically it’s for the over 65s, but they seem happy enough to let in pregnant ladies so my NCT girls and I have been enjoying a £3 bargain ticket that includes free tea/coffee, which by the way they bring to you in your seat (how good is that?!) and free biscuits – love it!

Week four… seriously running out of things to do now.  Exhibit a in proof of this – I spent two days writing a series of emails to complain to the council about a parking meter that incorrectly charged me £2.  Got my money back though.  Result!  Made friends with the nice Welsh chaps who are digging up our road to replace the gas pipes – almost like having visitors when they swing by (admittedly just to ask me to move my car).  Thankfully mum was willing to come over and spend two days keeping me company, we baked Banana Bread (delicious) and pottered about the house, generally drinking tea (raspberry leaf for me, regular for her) and chatting.  More laundry/ironing, more acupuncture, and Friday afternoon drinks at a neighbour’s with mummy friends and little ones.

Okay, so this is week five.  The only thing left on my “to do” list at this point is to read War & Peace and frankly I’ve lost the appetite for it.  I don’t even want to go to the senior citizens screening today for my £3 movie (well, it’s sing-a-long Grease and I’m just not in the mood…).  But oh yes, there is one last thing still to tick off:  have baby.  Maybe I’ll get around to that sometime this week …

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