A whole new world…

So, I’m back.  In the words of that fine entertainer John Barrowman (ahem…) “I made it through the rain…” – well, the birth anyhow.  How was it you ask? well, don’t.  Let’s just say being induced, well, it wasn’t much fun.

To cut a 34-hour-long story short: 11.30am Sunday, induction; midnight waters broke and shot of pethidine; 6am Monday, gas and air (nice!); 9am, 1cm dilated; 9.30am epidural, oxytocin drip, 6 hours of waiting… more gas and air… more epidural; Monday PM, 3cms dilated… more epidural… more gas and air… more epidural; Monday evening, 3cms dilated… more epidural, more gas and air (and repeat…); 8.30pm, still 3cms dilated…. 9.30pm ish c-section….

Birth plan… hmmmm

Hypno-birthing plan… HMMMM (let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t spend 5 months of my life performing daily massages of my perineum – what a gross waste of time that would have been!)

Baby Allegra Christina born by c-section at 9.53pm while Adele’s “Feel my love” played in the background on Magic FM in theatre.  A wonderful moment, hearing my baby girl cry out for the first time, seeing her puffy little face and holding her close after such a long wait.  Healthy, beautiful, podgy cheeked, mine (okay, “ours”…)

And she’s certainly kept me and Richmond Daddy busy in the week since we’ve been home from hospital! (hence the distinct lack of blogging action, but am hoping to find time again from now on – although god knows when exactly!).

Becoming a parent, wow, it’s a whole new world.  Who knew that in fact there is no day and night, just 24 hours divided into 3-4 hourly chunks?!  Who knew that poo could be so sticky and then so mustardy coloured and seedy (what exactly are the seedy bits?!)?!  Who knew that one pair of hands is never enough and neither is one outfit a day?!  And who knew it was possible to feel so much love for something, someone, so small, so pink, so chubby, so perfect?

And it’s funny, not even two weeks in and I can barely remember life pre-Richmond Baby.  It’s a whole new world yes, but one that I feel incredibly blessed to be part of.

PS.  a word of thanks for the incredible generosity of family and friends who have inundated us with cards and the most wonderful presents – thank you all, they are much appreciated and thank you cards are on their way xx

One thought on “A whole new world…

  1. Amazing writing Bianca, I’m so so pleased for you. You and David deserve every happiness. Love Tris xx

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