Facing the world in pyjamas…

I’ve started to notice a worrying trend… I seem to be more and more comfortable facing the world in pyjamas. And not just pyjamas actually, any sort of nightwear in fact.

It wasn’t a conscious decision, more something that crept up on me.  I can probably pinpoint the start to when I was about 2 or 3 weeks into my maternity leave… if anyone came to the door before 9am (okay, sometimes later…) I could pretty much be guaranteed to open the door in pyjamas, but I figured I had a good and obvious excuse.

But now I think perhaps there’s a few too many people who’ve seen me go public in pyjamas.  It’s not got to the point where I’ve been banned from my local supermarket or anything, I do at least keep to the confines of my own home (which includes front garden… well sometimes it’s just easier to put the bins out in PJs and slippers and to hell with who sees me!), but all the same as I reflect back I realise the list of people who fall outside of immediate family that have seen me in nightwear is beginning to grow…. postman, Ocado delivery man, cleaner, neighbours, the nice Welsh gasmen who’ve been politely digging up our road for the best part of a month, and most recently someone who tried to sell me a good deal on a new burglar alarm.

I should probably nip this in the bud…

3 thoughts on “Facing the world in pyjamas…

  1. …or move to Birkenhead where going to the Grange Shopping Centre in pyjamas doesn’t raise any eyebrows and people even buy ‘going out’ pyjamas.

  2. I will join you in the fight against daytime pyjamas! I have answered the door way too many times to the postman lately at 11am (or, ok, midday…) still in my PJs and I am running out of excuses as to WHY I’m still wearing them.

    • ha ha that makes me feel better as I always think you are up with the lark and looking put together and glamourous because of the pics I see of your 365 days project! sometimes the morning just wizzes by and before you know it, you’re eating your lunch (which is actually your breakfast) in your pyjamas!

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