A change – not always as good as a holiday…

Sure, I’m biased, but truly Richmond Baby is not only destined to be a genius child (she’s already showing a keen interest in reading with “Baby’s First Black & White Animal Book” proving to be a hit – okay so it’s not War & Peace but it’s a start) and is the most adorable, cutest bubba you’ve ever seen, but she is also extremely well behaved… for the most part…

It’s when it comes to nappy changing time, she reveals a dark side.  And it presents quite a predicament, because understandably she cries if she has a dirty nappy but then she cries a WHOLE lot more when I’m trying to take that nappy off and replace it with a clean one.  And boy, does she go for it!  What’s a mum to do?!

There are exceptions to the rule, for example, if I catch her just post feed when she’s drunk on milk and at peace with the world, nappy changing is water off a duck’s back – she endures it happily, without a care in the world.  But pretty much at all other times, to say she HATES it is to put it all too mildly.

Hmmm, so what to do? – I have learnt and started to perfect a few techniques over the past three weeks, which have helped improve the situation but they’re not failsafe.

Firstly, putting a towel underneath her and on top of the changing mat makes it feel warmer, cosier, and therefore seems to be marginally more bearable for the little princess.

Secondly – and this one Richmond Daddy takes the credit for – putting the new nappy underneath her before taking the dirty nappy off so as to make things speedier but also avert the potential danger of her weeing/pooing mid change and soaking her clothes as well as everything else, thus prolonging the nappy changing experience and requiring an outfit change into the bargain (another chore she abhores).

Thirdly – and most powerfully – sing Take That songs very loudly during the whole process, specifically “Shine” – that seems to be a particular favourite, although proved somewhat humiliating when I had to bring it out during a nappy change at our first visit to the Baby Clinic… I’m not normally shy at singing in public, in fact I virtually engineer situations in which I can, but that did feel a little uncomfortable…

Still, I don’t feel we’ve cracked it yet.  Will I ever reach the nirvana of a happy nappy change every time?  Answers on a postcard (or via the comment box) please…

3 thoughts on “A change – not always as good as a holiday…

  1. Ahhh, B, I remember this well! They scream so much, you convince yourself you must have broken their leg or something while taking off the nappy. Rest assured, they get over it as they get older. Well, until they get to the stage where they’d prefer to be rolling/crawling/walking around – then they start screaming again…

  2. Sebastian still hates getting changed at 3! I remember as a baby a helpful HV said ‘oh they all hate it dear’- she soon changed her tune when he screamed down the whole surgery for 20mins and agreed with me ‘yes he really doesn’t like it does he!’

    Lovely to hear the next update – Axxxx

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