Super trooper…

Not since my Uncle Pat invited me to “pull-my-finger” in a schoolboy-esque farting ruse have I found trumping quite so hilarious, but since having a baby all that has changed…

There are quiet pops, rhythmical parps, and full-blown trombone loud and proud bottom burps – Richmond Baby can do them all and each never fails to amuse me: so wrong, so juvenile, but so true.

hee hee hee, yes that was me

I realise she won’t thank me for making this public when she gets older, but I feel it only right in the spirit of blogging my way through this new parenting business that I share this latest phenomenon.

And a phenomenon it truly is, for despite the fact that in every other way of course she is a darling sweet smelling princess, she is it appears determined to foster this rather un-ladylike habit.

Not that I mind particularly, for thankfully she doesn’t yet seemed to have mastered the silent but deadly type…

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