Birth buddies…

Last week was a busy one for Richmond Baby and I, the arrival of Spring has seen our social engagements rocket (ahem) and what with strolls in the park and mummy get-togethers-about-town, it’s been quite a whirlwind.  The absolute highlight however has got to have been the February 2011 NCT class reunion…Five new mums, we’d never set eyes on each other just a few short months ago, yet now brought together through this shared experience we have already become firm firm friends and are excited about the prospect of our little ones growing up alongside each other.Doing the NCT course was a really positive experience, yes it teaches you lots of useful things about the birth, looking after your newborn, and what you might experience as a new mum.  But more than that, it brought our little group together and in doing so has given us all a fantastic new set of friends that has been invaluable at this time in our lives where having a network of support, of people going through the same things you’re going through, is more vital than we ever realised it could be.

So we all got together for the first time post birth, all of us with our little ones in tow, and it was a sheer delight to compare stories, introduce babies, and above all to take our first “birth buddies” photographs of all the bubbas together.  Hilarity ensued… to see each of them, lined up alongside each other, bemused and slightly leaning on one another like little drunkards, it was just too too much!! The youngest only 2 weeks, the oldest a mere 6 weeks – friends in the making and hopefully friends for life.

(L to R) Oscar, Alexander, Allegra, Nicolas, FionaRichmond Baby and her boys

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