Say cheese…

Nobody said it was easy and truly, it is not.  Richmond Baby is an unbelievable 6-weeks old on Monday and she really is a gorgeous bubba and on the whole a good one at that, but man sometimes it is relentless – the feeding, the changing, the dressing/undressing (often thrice daily), the changing again, the vomming, the crying, the farting, the crying when there’s no farting (trapped wind is a terrible thing), the endless singing (I’ve worked my way through pretty much the whole Take That and Simon & Garfunkel back catalogue), I could go on…

Nothing prepares you for it.

But something else happened this week that I was similarly unprepared for:  Richmond Baby’s first smile!!  And I mean a proper bona fide smile, not just a wind-induced facial expression you convince yourself is a smile.  This was an ACTUAL SMILE!!  An actual smile in response to my face, then in response to my smile, and now I’ve realised that I can induce a smile with a gentle rub of her chubby cheeks and little chin, it is magical!

When she breaks into a big smile, when she chuckles happily, it is AMAZING and no matter how little sleep I’ve had, how much poo or wee or vom I’ve had thrown at me, how many times I’ve sung “Cecilia”, how sore my bodily parts are, it all just fades away.

Well, can you blame me?…

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