A first time for everything…

It’s been a week of firsts for Richmond Baby and I. Some good, some bad, some downright ugly.
On Tuesday she had her first set of immunisations – the 8 week jabs. I was not looking forward to it, no siree. In truth it turned out to be fine, we had a lovely Geordie nurse who explained everything clearly and then got on with the job in hand quickly and efficiently, making it as drama free as it could be in the circumstances. Richmond Baby did of course scream, but far less than I expected and after a few minutes of cuddles was fast asleep and back snoozing in her Bugaboo. By the time we were home, she was smiling and giggling again as if nothing had happened. Phew.
It was off to the hospital on Wednesday for her first hip scan and, it turned out, thankfully her last. They thought she’d had a slight clicky hip at birth but it turned out to be nothing, all normal and no need for further checks thank goodness. But while we were there Richmond Baby did manage to wee enthusiastically all over the examination bed just to show her disgust. Marvellous.
Come the weekend and the abundant sunshine, we headed off to Richmond Park for baby’s first picnic. There was bagels and sausage rolls, strawberries and cream, white wine and milk… She didn’t appear wholly enthusiastic at being in the outdoors, but I like to think that was more to do with having a shorter lunchtime nap than usual and it being super hot, than being an agrophobic in the making. Still, we persevered and the next day did it all over again but this time picnicing at Kew Gardens instead. Overall this was more of a success although there were some scary moments when Richmond Daddy had to protect us both from two persistent geese who seemed intent on joining the party.
And today of course is Baby’s First Easter. Not perhaps as remarkable as Baby’s First Christmas – there doesn’t appear to be the paraphenalia in the shops associated with the latter for the Easter season and she doesn’t get to make herself sick on creme eggs, but it is a “first” nonetheless. So she has a new Easter bonnet to parade in and we’ll do the chocolate egg eating on her behalf. Yum.

Happy Easter from Richmond Baby!

Oh, and I forgot, the “firsts” for me….? Ah yes, I got poo-ed on this week. In the lap. Mustard yellow. Oozed out of the side of her nappy (Richmond Daddy had done the last nappy change – I’m saying nothing, just providing the facts). In my lap. My lap!! Had to remove my dress over my head without getting poo on my face and in my hair. Lovely.

4 thoughts on “A first time for everything…

  1. Any photos of the goose attack?
    David should have served one up for a nice Easter roast, would send a good message to the other feathered friends that bullying isn’t tollerated in Richmond.

  2. Love it! I recall the first fateful poo on cream trousers. I was in Bath too- just awful but thankfully did not have to avoid face and hair. I can just picture you now! Sorry to say it made me laugh out loud. That and imagining the words to Richmond Daddy!!!!

    Much love to you all xxxxx


    • oooh nasty, poo on trousers while out and about. At least I was at home, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but ideally it won’t be an experience I’ll have to go through too many times from this point onwards… or perhaps that’s wishful thinking… hope all good with you and the new mini masero xxx

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