Sleeping in Bugaboo

I’m beginning to think I have given birth to one of the new wonders of the modern world: the incredible sleeping baby!  Of course by blogging about it, I’m sure to jinx it, but here goes all the same…

When it comes to visiting the land of nod, Richmond Baby clearly takes after her mother; my capacity for sleeping is renowned amongst friends and family.  I can sleep in pretty much any environment, even once kipping face down on a hard chair in a mini-bus driving at speed down a bumpy road in Vietnam (Shanna, am sure you can remember…!) and I’m notoriously rubbish company on car journeys as I simply can’t stay awake.  You can imagine the fear and trepidation I felt towards the famed lack of sleep associated with becoming a new mum; although actually I have been pleasantly surprised and proud of myself for now appearing to be able to survive on substantially less sleep than I would have dreamed possible.  To be clear, that still doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy and greatly value a lie in when Richmond Daddy takes the reins on Saturday and Sunday mornings!!

Back to Richmond Baby.  Her sleeping habits are remarkable.  I must be one of the luckiest new mums ever!  She is now 9 weeks old and for the past week has slept every night from lights out at 7pm until 6am the following morning.  Awesome!

Sleeping in the car

And before anyone calls social services, I dropped the 10.30pm feed on trusted advice that she could cope without it, being well over 4.5kgs, and rest assured I’m making sure she gets her necessary milk mls between 6am and 7pm!

But hey, I recognise there are plenty of babies out there who are sleeping through before 12 weeks.  It might not be the case for all but it’s certainly the case for a lucky few.  Tell me this though, is it standard for babies to also happily sleep through a nappy change?!  Richmond Daddy and I have not only been picking her up to transfer her from the nursery cot to the moses basket in our room every night around 10/11pm, but also

Sleeping after lunch

have been changing bubba’s nappy before we go to bed, to help ensure she doesn’t get disturbed by a wet or poo-y butt, nothing worse, and are marvelling at the fact that she happily snoozes through the procedure night after night.  Remarkable!  She’s her mother’s daughter that’s for sure: just to clarify though, nobody checks to see if I have wet myself or other in the middle of the night you understand, it’s the capacity to sleep through anything that I’m referring to!

I don’t know quite how long this phenomenon may endure and I know Gina would be telling me that I should be aiming for baby to wake at 7am not 6am, but frankly I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts and – I never thought I’d say this – after 8 weeks of interrupted sleep, 6am is a veritable lie in so long may it continue!

Sleeping Beauty

5 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzzzz….

  1. Delighted to hear that bubba is a good sleeper – awesome in fact! (and yes, I too recall her mums capacity for sleep when at a barbecue party held for her friends birthday). Just thought I’d add that said friend weighed 9lbs 2ozs at birth, fed well and was sleeping 12hours (7pm to 7am) by the grand old age of 7 weeks – and happily continued sleeping soundly through the night more or less ever after! Its amazing how your energy returns when baby allows Mummy and Daddy to “go through the night”.

    • Ha ha yes most people have a sleep story to tell about me! Aaah Jenny and I are clearly kindred spirits when it comes to sleeping, indeed it’s one of the firm foundations of our marvellous friendship!

  2. Long may it last!!! I am full of envy but delighted that she is like you and feel for Richmond Daddy in years to come when he is up and ready and waiting for you 2 to get up and get ready and get out of the house!

    Lots of love from a somewhat sleep deprived household but bearing in mind we are 3 weeks in and generally only up once a night it’s pretty good.


    • ha ha ha yes it’ll be a nightmare once there’s two of us to get up, get ready, and get out of the house on time – Richmond Daddy will be tearing his hair out! Sounds like your little one is shaping up well if you only have to get up once a night this early on – bravo mini masero the third! xxx

  3. Wow, lucky, lucky you! I still have kids who sometimes wake at night and they are now 6 and nearly 3! I sadly resort to going to bed at an early hour to keep my sanity. Lots of love and long may it continue x x x

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