You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

My body:  discuss.  Sigh… Pre pregnancy I used to moan at myself and long-suffering Richmond Daddy that being a size 12 was not where I wanted to be in life.  I was still living with the memory of my super-skinny could eat anything I want and not put on weight self that I was in my teenage years.  Given I’m now in my mid 30s I clearly needed to wise up.  What I wanted were lithe, toned arms like Jennifer Aniston, a firm butt like Kylie, a toned tummy a la Cheryl Cole and what did I do about it? – nothing but sit on my a**e eating cupcakes and wishing that exercise and a sensible diet weren’t the primary requirements of an A-list bod.  But, by and large, I kind of got away with it.

Well, now I realise I never had it so good.

This week I have been undertaking the tedious task of packing away my maternity clothes (particularly glad to see the back of non-underwired bras, Gok would not approve of what they do to your bangers), which are by and large too big for me now, and unpacking and reinstating my pre-pregnancy clothes; which are frankly miniscule despite the size 12/M label and god knows how I’ll ever fit into them again!?!

I appreciate that I am only 10 weeks post birth, but patience is not one of my virtues.  Okay so I had an excuse for the first 6-weeks having had a c-section and all that, but now, I know, deep down, that if I didn’t keep “treating” myself to hob nobs and catching up on all the wine drinking I missed out on over the past 9-months, I might now be in better shape all-together.  Sigh.

In my head I think I’m doing okay.  Then I see photographic evidence to the contrary.  More sighs.  And then I look at pre pregnancy photos, which once I would have despaired at, now I look at with longing in the hope I might one day be vaguely that size again.  Actually I’d like to be smaller than that size but let’s be realistic here…

So, positive action is needed.  Exercise is a must.  And so is going cold turkey on hob nobs.  I have a wedding to attend on the 4 June and I at least want to have lost a few pounds by then (if not least to counteract the pounds the camera puts on).  So this week am going to kick-start phase one of a new me fitness regime that will involve lots of buggy-pushing long walks around Richmond (not stopping frequently to peruse and purchase cute baby clothes in the shops); am going to start doing Power Plate classes again; and am also going to sign up for a mother and baby yoga course.  That’ll do for now… maybe giving up hob nobs can be phase two….

4 thoughts on “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

  1. Oh I know! I put on 4 1/2 stone with first and only 1 1/2 with second, what’s that all about?! And no it wasn’t because I was starting off bigger, I was just about back to normal before I got pregnant again! Anyway, you can do yoga after 8 week check but you are not meant to do cardio until 12 weeks. So give yourself a break, you’ve been through a big ordeal! However rather than walking on your own, try this. The trainer is brilliant and you meet other mummies plus it’s cheap You can do it twice a week, once at say Richmond Park or Marble Hill and once on Twickenham Green (free parking). I really enjoyed it but you need to take it really easy to start with after a c-section. Then you can have a tea and cake (ahem) afterwards to reward yourself 🙂 x

    • Oooh thanks for this, I shall defo look into buggy fit – sounds good. That and clever dressing (I’ll make my way to Feather & Stitch next week!) could be the answer for now 🙂 x

  2. You know you can do it! Just remeber what happened when you focused on losing weight for your wedding… you were focused and determined and looked hot as a result. I know you can do it, just one step at a time. I know what you mean about wanting to see results right away but dont let that dishearten you. The weight will come off! Good luck and keep me posted. xx

    • Thanks!! I might do Weight Watchers online I think – I can see myself having two key issues trying to lose weight now I have a baby to look after: (1) planning ahead when it comes to meals/snacks – often I find myself having to grab something to eat one handed and flapjacks are often the closest to hand!! Need to get myself organised to have carrot sticks and blueberries washed, prepared and ready to much (hmmm but will I do that in reality?!) and (2) being able to exercise frequently during the week – i.e. has to be exercise I can do with baby around or when Richmond Daddy is home or mum is visiting… still, I will try, as you say – focus!! xx

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