Child’s play…

As a pushy mother in the making, I say it’s never too early to get your child on the right road to becoming some sort of superstar genius.  So, in the spirit of getting Richmond Baby developing at a pace, last week we signed up for a trial “Baby Play” class at Gymboree (St. Margarets).  A sensory exploration class for newborns to pre-crawling tots, we had our first session today and oh, what fun we had!

It was a small class, just four mums and their little ones, in fact three were Richmond Baby’s NCT birth buddies, which was lovely – they are all becoming more familiar with each other as they experience all these new things together.

The session promises to introduce babies to new sights, sounds and sensory experiences and also shows you a variety of ways to stimulate very young babies.  Well, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more quite frankly, me or Richmond Baby, but she certainly smiled and was open-eyed in awe through most of it so I’m pretty certain it was a hit.

tummy time (much like Hammer time only slower)

We danced (well, I danced, baby came along for the ride); we sang (ditto); there were bubbles – a particular highlight for Richmond Baby; and puppets (one of a slightly freaky clown, but she didn’t seem to be as scared of him as I was… well, she hasn’t seen It…); and lights and crinkly paper to gaze at and grab hold of.  We (well, she…) did tummy time, hung out in a small ball-pool, and even watched in wonder as a multi-coloured parachute was wafted up and down above her and the other bubbas.  All in all, if she found it half as wondrous and fascinating as I found it enjoyable then it was more than worth going along!

Enjoying the bubbles at Gymboree

She slept like the proverbial baby all the way home, no surprise after all the excitement, and I can’t wait to take her back next week.  It was such a fun thing for us to do together and to see her little face light up with each new experience was just magical and so precious.  From now on, I DO like Mondays!

Gymboree Play & Music St Margarets: – Baby Play classes (0-7 months)are on Mondays at 11am.

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