The Gallery #1: I’m Grateful For…

This is my first time joining in The Gallery – über blogger Tara Cain’s weekly feature over at  But given that the theme is “I’m Grateful For”, inspired by Chris from Thinly Spread – currently in Mozambique with Save the Children to help raise awareness of vaccinations – it seemed like a good week to join in and also help raise awareness of this worthwhile campaign.

But first… can I just encourage you to hop over to Save the Children and sign their petition.  Currently 1 in 5 children don’t receive any vaccinations whatsoever and millions are dying of preventable diseases as a result.  So, off you go, get signing.  Right, all done? Then let’s continue…

The list of things I am grateful for is pretty endless and my beautiful baby daughter is top of the tree.  I thought we’d never get there, but to wake up to her every morning and cuddle her every day, I’m still in awe of the fact that she’s here, she’s ours, and we really got lucky.  I am truly grateful.

I’m grateful for my mum and dad – who love me unconditionally, support me unfailingly, and who make the best Sunday roast and lasagna respectively.  I’m grateful to them for more reasons that can fit in this post.  You’re the best.

I’m also grateful for my “other” parents – Mr & Mrs Cox and my sister-in-law Susan.  For welcoming me into your family, for your support, your love, your superior gardening skills and your delicious home-grown vegetables.  Thank you and yum!

I’m grateful for my little sister (or peahead as I like to call her… sorry peahead 🙂 and the laughs we have together whether impersonating Axl Rose at karaoke or reliving comedy childhood moments.  You are so special to me and I love you (despite the fact you can stay a size zero and eat what you like and do no exercise!).

I’m grateful for my wonderful friends – special shout out to Jenny “Comedy Bed” Kirby and Yvonne “Do the prawn!” Cheung.  Not forgetting my girls Donna, Tris, Alison, and Francesca: wish we could see each other more but I love the fact that despite our geographical distances, our friendships never wane and when together it’s like we’ve never been apart.  I’m grateful for the times we laugh together, the memories we’ve built together, and the fun still to come.  And I’m grateful for my new NCT girlfriends – Niina, Sassi, Amy, & Ruth – so lucky that we were thrown together in the February 2011 group, so crazy that it feels like I’ve known you for much longer than 5 short months, so happy to share the highs and lows of this new mummyhood journey with you. 

But at the centre of it all, I’m grateful for David (aka Richmond Daddy).  He might not know it in between the persistent moaning and bitchin’ I do (particularly these last few months…) but I thank my lucky stars that he’s with me and I’m with him.  Cool, calm, collected, pretty unflappable in the face of my flip-outs, he is my proverbial rock and keeps me on the straight and narrow when wine, karaoke, and a tendency to show off might otherwise get me into trouble!

David and I met over 10 years ago at University.  We dated for a week – I “swooned” over his gorgeous blue eyes (as documented rather embarrassingly in my first year at Uni diary, ouch) – and then it was all over.  12 years later, after being nothing more than buddies, the Mr who’d been under my nose all this time while I dated the wrong kind of man, became Mr Right, and we got together and pretty much never looked back.

We married in 2007 and had the most amazing, beautiful wedding in my father’s home town of Fiuggi in Italy.  The ceremony was in the same church my parents had wed in over 30 years prior.  Everything about it was perfect and it goes down in history as the happiest day of my life – matched only by the birth of our beautiful daughter.

1st Sept. 2007 - our wedding day

Thank you for everything you do. 

I might not say it or show it enough, but I am grateful for us.

15 thoughts on “The Gallery #1: I’m Grateful For…

  1. Lovely and another appreciative wife post. Must be men in shock all over the blogger world.
    Seriously, lovely post and nice to have such a good support network as makes parenting easier

    • Thank you, ha ha yes you’re right – but often it’s much easier to write it down than say it in person and sometimes it’s just good to say it 🙂 am very lucky to have such a great network, being a mum would be a hell of a lot tougher without it! x

  2. Wow, what lovely things you’ve written about everyone. I reckon we’re all blessed to know you too xx

  3. What a wonderful reflection of a happy girl with a wonderful life. I too am grateful for similar things and I count my lucky stars I have friends like you. I hate to say the friendship spans nearly 30 years now! Here’s to seeing each other soon and raising a glass of champagne to our beautiful kids, lovely friendships and to long and happy lives!

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