Forgive me father…

No, this isn’t a belated Father’s Day post, it’s a nod to my Catholic roots and a nod to my (Catholic) guilt for my lack of blogging activity over the past few weeks. 

When I first started out blogging, I jumped in feet first with enthusiasm and got swept up in the whole buzz of publishing my blog, putting my thoughts out there, etc etc.  People asked me how I could possibly find the time and I laughed, like a superhuman, saying “well, when she sleeps, I blog… it’s easy!” – but, then, the laundry started to pile up and the house got increasingly messy plus I started a host of baby/mummy social engagements and before I knew it, life started to get in the way. 

So, she (Richmond Baby), still sleeps, but now instead of blogging, I’ve been loading/unloading the dishwasher; putting on laundry or hanging out laundry or folding and putting away laundry (always with the bloody laundry, it’s never-ending isn’t it?!); changing the bed linen; tidying the lounge, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom – on loop; etc etc. plus of course looking after the baby and throw in a cat with stress-related cystitis (all better now thankfully) and frankly, blogging hasn’t gotten a look-in!

And now, CyberMummy is fast approaching.  It’s this Saturday, eek! I’m so excited to be going and to be meeting some of my new “virtual” mummy friends.  But, I feel I am going under shady circumstances.  Can I really call myself a bona fide mummy blogger when apart from a few Silent Sundays, I haven’t done a “proper” blog post since the 1st June?!? The shame.

Well, I have new resolve.  It’s not too late to clutch my blog back from the jaws of extinction.  I stand before you here now with the promise to get my blogging mojo back up and running and as such:

  1. I will ring-fence some time to blog each week with the same enthusiasm as I manage to ring-fence time to drink coffee and/or wine and eat cake with my mummy friends; while the latter is of course important and most enjoyable, it can result in you losing big chunks of your day…
  2. When I am slumped on the sofa of an evening, moaning at Richmond Daddy that I don’t want to watch golf/cricket/football/ or programmes on manufacturing Britain… I will instead take myself off said sofa and be productive and get on the blog
  3. I will not waste time faffing about on Twitter and/or Facebook, doing things like browsing holiday photos of people who I went to school with and haven’t been in touch with for 20 years (am I the only one who does that? please no…) and instead will use the time to blog
  4. I will take inspiration from the CyberMummy conference this Saturday and all the amazeballs parent bloggers I will meet there, and I will invest time and love in my blog to build it into something I can be truly proud of
  5. And I will try not to beat myself up too much if life does sometimes get in the way of blogging, I shall just pick myself up and start again and hope that my friends and followers haven’t abandoned me in the meantime!

Forgive me father, for I have sinned, it is 20 days since my last blog… but, from today, I have repented and am reformed!

I love comments, so make my day!

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