Then and now…

Richmond Baby is 4-months old now. 4-months!! Heck, how did that happen?! Time has flown and yet it feels like a lifetime ago since Richmond Daddy and I were home that first night from the hospital, feeling full of panic and overwhelmed at the prospect of keeping this little one alive and well all by ourselves (well, I was panicked and overwhelmed, he was surprisingly calm actually).

I have been reflecting these past few days on my pre-Mummyness vs. my now Mummyness and considering some of the ways in which I/things have changed.  Reflecting on the who I was then (pre baby, pre pregnancy days) and the who I am now.  And my observations are as follows….

  • Then:  usually to be found toting gorgeous, timeless, black leather Prada handbag in crook of left arm, with blackberry in right hand typing furiously and one handedly
  • Now:  usually to be found with purse shoved into changing bag (mind you, it is a flowery Cath Kidson number, so not all bad) hanging off buggy, with muslin in one hand for mopping up drool/puke
  • Then:  tea drinker, for calming soothing effect in the midst of work-related stress
  • Now:  coffee drinker, for periodic caffeine hits required to keep me going through the day long enough to take care of baby, wash and sterilize bottles, tidy house, get laundry on, hang/fold/put away laundry, load/unload dishwasher, tidy house again, make bed, play baby games, attend baby/mummy social activities, cook dinner, tidy house again, do shopping, write blog* etc. etc. etc.
  • Then:  feet hurt by Saturday morning from all the high-heel wearing of the week and/or excessive and enthusiastic dance moves performed the night before at “I’ll only stay for one” after work drinks
  • Now: back hurts pretty much constantly from all the bending and lifting associated with picking baby up, putting her down, bathing baby, changing baby, feeding baby: all of which seem to require you to contort yourself into unnatural positions and unless you have Herculean strength mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of clutching your lower back and exclaiming “ooh me back” at least 43 times a day
  • Then: you enjoy lunch/dinner/snack at a fairly slow pace, savouring each mouthful and considering the flavours Jilly Goolden style that you’re experiencing with each bite
  • Now:  you shovel food in quick as you can while you have both hands free (often one-handed shovelling is required, I am now adept at this) or before you are called upon to conduct one or other of the “to dos” on your list, see above*.  In fact I find I eat super fast now whether or not I am actually with Richmond Baby – she could be being looked after by Richmond Daddy or my mum for example, and I’ll still try to eat at 100mph, just in case…!
  • Then:  I got excited when there was a sale on at Selfridges, Whistles, Theory, Reiss, Russell & Bromley….
  • Now:  I get excited when there’s a sale on at Mothercare, Petit Bateau, or The Gro-Store…
  • Then:  I’d never heard of brands like Medela or Lansinoh
  • Now:  I know them only too well…
  • Then:  “poo” used to mean Champagne i.e. Champagne… Shampoo… “poo”
  • Now:  it just means poo
  • Then:  “treating myself” meant Friday evenings at The Sanctuary in Covent Garden after a hard week’s work; a haircut that cost the same as the Greek national debt; or indulging in back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy/SATC/True Blood etc. anytime the mood took me (and I could persuade Richmond Daddy to V-plus the golf/cricket/rugby/football/darts etc etc.)
  • Now: it means spending more that 5 seconds on the loo
  • Then:  I waxed frequently at Aveda
  • Now:  no time for waxing, I’m out with the razor… although this has created a velcro like effect between my legs and any material they come into contact with, which is not good.  May need to start making time for waxing again…
  • Then:  Monday mornings were for team meetings and action lists to align the troops and plan how to tackle the challenges of the week ahead
  • Now:  Monday mornings are for Baby Play at Gymboree and having fun playing in the ball pool and popping bubbles (for the record, Monday mornings are preferable this way any time!)

The list goes on, but I must not… of course it goes without saying that I wouldn’t change any of this for all the world, I’m loving pretty much every minute, even the poo filled ones!

3 thoughts on “Then and now…

  1. Brilliant! Sadly, all true. Z is 22 months old on Sunday and I’ve been back at work for 10 months but am still not back in ‘old me zone’… and thank goodness for that actually! I do still get excited by the Selfridges sale, but only because that is the only time I can afford to go there these days (need a second mortgage for childcare costs), and still at it with the razor all this time on… am too, very fond of the purse shoved into the Cath Kidston cowboy bag but the one benefit of being back at work is that the mulberry does get an airing again! Too too funny, but wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! See you tomorrow xx

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