Hair today, gone tomorrow (or rather, going now…)

I am a new mum and my hair appears to be falling out.  Not in a serious Gail Porter kind of a way and not in an “I’m tearing it out because the baby keeps puking/poo-ing/wee-ing on me and I can’t keep up with the laundry” kind of a way, but definitely in a post pregnancy/birth fall out kind of a way.

Now I know that everyone will tell me this is perfectly normal and it’s nothing to worry about, and in truth I don’t appear to be in danger of actually going bald (although a widows peak could be a distinct possibility if I lose too much from the sides… oh god, I don’t want to end up looking like Eddie Munster come Christmas!), but I can’t help but find it alarming; particularly when it feels like handfuls of the stuff are coming out every time I wash my hair.

But actually, that’s not the most annoying part.  The most annoying part is looking across the bathroom floor and seeing what looks like a hair-carpet made entirely out of strands of my barnet that have tumbled to the ground after a quick morning brush.  And actually it’s not just the bathroom floor that’s become hair-coated.  It’s like my hair has become the Hansel & Gretel crumb trail that traces where I’ve been through the house.  Marking out where I may have momentarily rested my head, rushed through a room, or simply sign-posting “Bianca woz ere”.  In fact god forbid that I were to (in a fit of uncharacteristic criminality) go forth and commit some sort of murder, burglary, or a spot of shop-lifting, forensics would have a field day and I’d be locked up by lunchtime.  Just saying.

Anyway, with most of it happily falling out of its own accord, it’s rather unfortunate timing that Richmond Baby’s latest thing is grabbing.  And grabbing with force.  A vice like grip in fact.  And her favourite thing to grab and grip you ask? – mummy’s hair.  Oh yes, no matter whether it’s tied up or hangin’ loose, she gets at it and she tugs.  Big time.  In fact only a few days ago she grabbed and gripped so hard she actually pulled out a clump from the back of my neck.  And f**k me did it hurt!  So I definitely have a small bald patch back there now, though mercifully I can conceal it without too much of a comb-over.

I’m starting to wonder whether I might be able to explore some sort of alternative career path or business venture with all this hair I’m losing and gathering.  I’m sure I read somewhere that Posh Spice used to get her extensions made out of real hair from Russian peasants or something.  I’m off to weave a wig…

17 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow (or rather, going now…)

  1. I am the same! Now Elfie’s started crawling if I don’t hoover once a day she finds it in the carpet and likes to try and eat it. Not the best baby diet, admittedly…

    • hello you! it’s not just me then ha ha. yes, Allegra has started chomping on it and she’s not even weaned yet… baby’s first food = mummy’s hair = not the best baby diet. maybe I’ll have to go all sinead o’connor….

  2. What I want to know is…when does it end??! I’ve had four months of hair coming out in clumps in the shower, with no sign of it slowing. Someone make it stop, the hair is EVERYWHERE. I can see why people go for the typical ‘mum cut’ now.

      • I know everyone wants to avoid the mom cut, but I’m telling you-you can make short hair your own. I never realized it before, but short hair brings out my facial structure. And it’s fun to try something new. It was the beauty pick me up I needed when I was feeling fat/stretch marked/plain! 🙂

      • sounds good but the shortest i’ve ever had mine was a chin length bob and i really don’t think i could go any shorter, definitely couldn’t pull off a pixie look with my big nose!! x

    • Mine was still falling out almost 6 months in huge chunks as well. Finally I just chopped it off into a pixie cut & donated what I lobbed off. Very liberating! And now I don’t have to worry about finding my hairs in my kid’s diaper! It’s been 2 months with short hair & I love it. I’ll grow it back eventually, but it’s perfect for me right now.

  3. As if we don’t endure enough! I swear I cried when my hair started falling out in clumps … Not only was I fat, had a belly that hung to my knees (almost) and boobs that were following it, my hair then had to fall out!!! I was left very thin all around the front of my hair but it grew back SLOWLY … curly hair meant I had this crazy fuzz – I just chopped it off to a long bob so the rest could catch up with the regrowth which is about 15cms now …. 9months on from the fall out … apparently it falls more when you wean – I hope NOT! Oh, and not every mama loses her hair … just us lucky ones!

    • I am feeling your pain… feeling fat, looking lardy (recent photos taken on holiday confirm this), boobs not what they used to be…. and now this!! mother nature can be so unkind!

  4. Oh god, this definitely happened to me!! During pregnancy, my hair was all thick and lovely and then a few months post birth and every time I showered it was coming out in clumps!! And yes, the babies don’t help by tugging bits out at every opportunity – when I tied my hair up, I used to notice I had short spikey bits where she’d ripped it out….

  5. Hi Bianca…am sorry to say that this still happens to me even now…6 years (nearly) on from Megan and 3 years from Liam. Having thick hair to start with this has not been too much of a problem in terms of loosing any (I am forever asking the hair dresser to ‘thin my hair out’). I must say it has been less noticeable since I went ‘shorter’ although bathroom floors and hairy sofas are a tell tale sign of where I have been! As for grabbing the hair, fortunately my two have outgrown this now but I do remember the grips they had…Liam even pulled me off the sofa one time he pulled so hard. The things we go through! x

    • He pulled you off the sofa?!?!? my god, that boy has strength! the other thing I hate is the constant tickling feeling of a strand of hair niggling at the back of your arm or somewhere, it drives me nuts!

  6. Sounds daft but I actually cannot wait to have this baby and for my hair to thin out again! I have thick hair naturally and during both pregnancies my hair has got SO thick its just stupid! I remember after having J every morning waking up and finding a pillow covered in hair! It does stop in the end though, honest! 🙂

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