HOTPANTS™: The Challenge Begins

It’s been a very long time since I wore hot pants, I remember having a particularly gorgeous pair when I was about 17 years old and a size 8 (how I sigh at the memory…) and they were lime green (ahem, yes lime green), from Benetton, and were the kind of thing I will not be letting my daughter go out in when she’s a teenager. Actually, I won’t be letting my daughter go out at all when she’s a teenager, far too risky, so the issue of what she might wear won’t be a problem. Ahem.

Anyway, thankfully my new mission to lose weight and tone up post pregnancy does not involve trying to squeeze my way back into said lime green hot pants, frankly that would be a mission impossible that not even Tom Cruise could take on. No, this mission will be facilitated by HotPants™, the brainchild of one Dessi Bell who developed the product after researching the technology that could help her maximise the effect of her workout during her limited time schedule.

I received my free pair to trial last week. They basically look like a pair of cycling shorts made from what feels like wetsuit material. Interesting. Since the postie dropped them off, they’ve sat on the dining room table untouched except by the cat, who found them rather cosy to sleep on… Anyway, brushing the cat hairs off this morning, I am ready to begin the trial and thus my new weight-loss and tone-up challenge.

So, how do they work you ask? – well, apparently they are embedded with Celu-Lite™ technology and they “work hard to reflect your natural body heat to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to up to 80% more perspiration”. The claim is that by wearing them when working out, or even just when going about your daily business, they help flush out the toxins and fat cells that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Sounds très bon, no? And get this, you can even wear them while you sleep! – sounds like my kinda way to lose weight… brings new meaning to the term “you snooze you lose” eh?!

I have high hopes that the HOTPANTS™ will work, not least because (a) I’m lazy when it comes to exercise, (b) I have no will power when it comes to food, and (c) it’s tough to really find time to dedicate to working-out when you have a 20 week old baby to care for and a house that frequently looks like a bomb’s hit it unless I tidy up daily (and being a Virgo, I can’t NOT tidy up daily… OCD, moi?! maybe a bit). And so, today, on a Monday morning – well, you’ve got to start at the beginning of a week on these things right? – exactly 20 weeks post Richmond Baby’s arrival in the world (20 weeks?!?! where does the time go?!), I am going to begin.

I have weighed myself this morning. I am going to declare here and now that I am coming in at 11stone 4lbs: ouch. Not good. So, ultimately I want to lose a stone (would be good to lose more but let’s start with smaller achievable goals eh?!), but it would be great to lose 5lbs in the first few weeks at least so I can dip down below the 11stone mark and not feel quite so much like a lard ass.

I will be blogging about my progress and experiences of using/wearing HOTPANTS™ – so if you’re in any way interested, then swing by and take a look. In the meantime….

If you’re keen to get your hands on a pair of HOTPANTS™ and see if they can work their magic for you, they retail at £44.99 and you can purchase from And here’s the good news, you can get 10% off if you use my unique voucher code – BIANCACOX – at checkout (and Zaggora will pay me £4 for every pair sold using my code, which is great given that statutory maternity pay doesn’t exactly set the world on fire…!)

Right, so first opportunity to wear them is on my weekly powerwalk to Gymboree – here’s hoping I don’t arrive a sweaty mess… I’ll be weighing myself this time next week to see what a difference a week in HOTPANTS™ has made, so… watch this space.

PS. in case you need further convincing to buy a pair, let me tell you that they donate a % of all their earnings to Cancer Research, bravo.

7 thoughts on “HOTPANTS™: The Challenge Begins

    • I must confess I only used them properly for a week, lost 1lb, felt a bit disillusioned, used them sporadically for week 2, lost nothing, then stopped… But it seems they’ve worked well for others…

  1. Do you think these hot pants are okay to be worn while pregnant or while planning to conceive i just ordered mine and now am worried about this. As we plan on kids soon after i loose a few pounds?

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