The arrival of Stella & Dot

Answer me this… do you:

(a) like fashion?

(b) like gorgeous jewellery?

(c) covet Gossip Girl style?

OF COURSE YOU DO!! which is why you NEED to know about Stella & Dot.

About to launch in the UK, Stella & Dot is an American jewellery brand with a difference. Yes they do a great line in boutique style accessories that range from bracelets and charms to necklaces and rings (which all look tantalizingly gorgeous by the way), but more than that they are bringing a unique business opportunity to the UK for all the fashion savvy women out there looking for a flexible work-from-home option.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Well, if you live close enough to my stomping ground in Richmond, then get yourself along to the über stylish Bingham Hotel this Sunday (17th July), 10am-12noon, for one of their summer launch events.

Open to the general public, you’ll have the chance to preview the AW11 collection; enjoy a drink with and meet people from the company and hear more about how they were founded and their overall mission; and you’ll also be able to find out more about their particular “social selling” business model, which they say “gives an unprecedented opportunity for a professional, flexible work from home opportunity that is more lucrative, stylish, and fun than ever before.”

I’ll be popping along on Sunday to find out more (and collect my free piece of Stella & Dot jewellery that will be given to all attendees, delightful!) – so hope to see lots of you there and fear not, if you can’t go, I shall be blogging about it next week so can give you the low-down. In the meantime, here are some beautiful shiny things that have caught my eye already (and the prices don’t look all that bad either)….

Rio Single Strand Coin Necklace

Colette Necklace (Silver)

PS. apparently Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruise, and Leighton Meester are all fans

PPS. if you are keen to know more and see more visit:

6 thoughts on “The arrival of Stella & Dot

  1. Oooh I lovelovelove… can’t get on the website quick enough.
    Will be in Richmond on 30th July – taking Z to In The Night Garden live show in the Deer Park

    • I know, does look pretty gorgeous doesn’t it?! Am looking forward to investigating further.

      Oooh maybe we could meet in Richmond before you go to in the night garden? – would be lovely to see you. Let me know if you think you’ll have time and I can come meet you and little Z, would be lovely to meet the little man 🙂

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