This week I’m loving…

Week One.

I’ve decided to launch a new weekly feature on the blog called “This week I’m loving…” and it will showcase something or some things that I am currently loving.  Geddit?!  Simples.  Am going to try to do it every Monday and would also love to hear about what thing(s) you’re loving that week if you care to share.  So, week one, kick off, and awaaaaaaay we go.  This week I’m loving…

My personalised shopper from Personalised Gifts

Richmond Baby, on a bag

The lovely people over at personalised gifts asked me if I’d like to try out their personalised gift service, of course I said yes and asked if I might have one of those there handy shopper bags made beautiful with a picture of the one and only Richmond Baby swimming underwater (my picture du jour).  It was easy… I emailed them the pic, they weaved their magic, and a mere few days later I was kitted out with a gorgeous shopper bag, emblazoned with bubba’s underwater face on it.  Love it.  The bag is great quality and the patent sides/back make it very wipeable (ideal).  I think it’ll be perfect to take to the pool or beach, but it’ll also be swinging off the buggy as I whizz around Richmond, so say hi if you spot me!  There are loads of other items/gifts you can have personalised with your own photographs, from cushions to canvas pictures, bedding to tablecloths, the list is pretty endless.  Definitely worth taking a look if you’re looking to create something unique for yourself or as a gift.

The SnoozeShade Plus

Snoozing on Richmond Green

After spending a small fortune on our Bugaboo – which for the record I don’t regret as it is a brilliant pram and I love it muchly – I couldn’t really see the point of getting a blackout shade thing for the buggy, so when it was really sunny I’d just clamp a muslin to the hood with a hair clip and then spend the time tutting as it blew this way and that way and off, thereby not shielding Richmond Baby from the sun in any way.  Then, I was fortunate enough to win a SnoozeShade Plus on Twitter and since I’ve had it I now realise how much I needed one of these things! I have literally not left the house without it since I got it.  Not only is it great at keeping the sun off the little one, but more than that it is fantastic to help her snooze on the go because it keeps the buggy nice and dark for her and she can sleep easily and peacefully wherever we are.  If I didn’t already have one, I’d buy one, they are great.  Fact.

PS.  also good if you fancy being a slightly naughty parent by bringing your child out of an evening when they should be tucked up in bed; you can keep them in the dark under the SnoozeShade and so will be far likely to snooze while you’re out (we have only done this once, honest).

PPS.  wondering why it’s called a SnoozeShade Plus? well, it’s a bit different from the regular SnoozeShade in that it has a zippy bit that reveals a peep-window so you can peer in on your little one without having to open the whole thing up and thereby let in the light.  Smart.

Chantilly Lace Cuff in Gold from Stella & Dot

The object of my jewellery desire right now

At the weekend, I was lucky enough to go to the preview of the UK launch of American jewellery house Stella & Dot.  Popular with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, the cast of Gossip Girl, and stylish women across the US and Canada, the brand is set to launch in the UK later this year and their range of jewellery is both affordable and GORGEOUS!  I am already in love with the Chantilly Lace cuff and there are numerous other items on my wish list too (Richmond Daddy take note…), so am looking forward to being able to get my hands on some of their sparkly things when they eventually become available this side of the pond.

So, tell me, what are you loving this week?

11 thoughts on “This week I’m loving…

  1. I love that bag!

    I have a Bugaboo too and always feel a bit smug when I hear people bitch about how much they hate their buggies. I LOVE mine so much. I also have a snooze shade which came in handy this weekend for a friend’s birthday… Elfie had a lovely time in the pub fast asleep!

    • It’s cool isn’t it, I already have about a million other items I want to order that I can brand with my own images!! ha ha – must show some level of restraint as statutory maternity pay can’t fuel that particular addiction. I’m sure you have a gazillion pictures to have items made emblazoned with!! Ditto re the Bugaboo and the SnoozeShade. What colour ways do you have on the Bugaboo? mine is off white/grey, I LOVE it!

  2. I’m loving your new feature of what you’re loving this week! And I am particularly loving that Chantilly Lace Cuff – to die for! You will have to keep us updated as to when we can get our mitts on them on this side of the pond.

    • Why thank you! And yes, the cuff is too gorgeous! Even better in real life than it looks in the pic and they have lots more things to suit a (mostly) yummy mummy like yourself! Should be launching around Oct this year, will keep you posted…

  3. I’m a Stella&Dot rep in Canada and travel to UK a few times a year. If you want anything I’d be happy to get it to you sooner. If you want to start a business with S&D just msg me and I’d be happy to coach you to success. I’m in love with the Liv Multi Chain necklace btw.

  4. This week I’m loving playing Pictureuka app on the iPad & my pink button earrings -

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