The Gallery #5

Map of Richmond Upon Thames circa 1890

The theme for this week’s The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Vintage and I’ve been quite excited about it because I love a bit of vintage me, as I’ve got older (ahem, well, I’m only 35 but as discussed before on this blog I am arguably old before my time…) I have developed quite a fondness for antiques.  Give me the Antiques Roadshow over Glastonbury highlights any day!

Anyway, for my entry, I settled upon this, a map of Richmond Upon Thames – where Richmond Daddy and I have been living for the past 4.5 years – which is dated circa 1890.  1890, that’s 121 years ago!

We bought this map for £5 in a junk yard/antiques shop in Kingston Upon Thames.  It was buried under a variety of junk and when I fished it out and saw it was not only of Richmond but also had our street on it, I was delighted with our find.  And at £5, including the frame, it was a bargain to boot!

I find this map endlessly fascinating because it gives you a glimpse into the place we live as it once was.  There are interesting little references to where the workhouse was and the railway – now an overland into Waterloo as well as a District Line tube – is referred to as “Metropolitan & District North London Railways”.

This picture hangs on the wall directly behind our front door, so every time I come into the house I see it and for a split second I think about this place, where I now live, being someone elses’ home and who that might have been and what their story was.  Would be good to know some day, for now I shall just continue to ponder.

This post is for week 66 of The Gallery: Vintage

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