Half ‘n’ Half: being mezza italiana

This week there’s been a BritMums Guest Post Match-Up thing goin’ on.  Basically, you register to take part and then you get randomly matched with a fellow registered blogger, then each of you writes a guest post for the other and hey presto, you publish and link up and it’s all good clean (well, unless you write about poo… ahem,  stand up Grenglish…) fun. 

So, I registered, and I got matched up, and who to? – well, bizarrely the only other parent blogger that I actually have a real-life connection to!  The lovely Sarah over at Grenglish (who it turns out is a friend of a friend and so we have actually met in real life and even share the same birthday, strange but true!), who writes a brilliantly funny blog about “her big fat Grenglish life” and adventures with her Greek/English hubby aka the Greek God(zilla) and gorgeously handsome little boy Zachy.

Grenglish's Sarah and me, looking in the pink drinking wine at CyberMummy 2011

I blogged about growing up half English, half Italian, and that sense of being Italian that was instilled in me from an early age by my proud Dad; who taught me that basically Italians invented everything, Italians are the best, and Italy is the greatest country on earth!

You can read the full post here… 

And while you are lurking over at Grenglish, you should have a read of her past blog posts, they are great.  One of my particular favourites, all about routines, is here.

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