This week I’m loving…

Week Two.

It’s Monday, so that means it’s my weekly “This week I’m loving…” feature, which showcases something or some things that I am currently lovin’. The clue is in the name. Ahem. So, without further ado, this week I’m loving…

Argan Secret Miracle ’10’

After writing about my post-partum constant bad hair days (see here), I was delighted to be sent some magical ‘hair elixir from Marrakech’ to try out on my barnet.

Hair Elixir From Marrakesh

  A leave-in spray treatment, it is infused with Argan oil, which is renowned for its nutritive, cosmetic, and numerous medicinal properties. It also appears to smell blinkin’ amazin’ too!

You can use it on wet hair or dry and the claim on the bottle is that it will ‘solve all the hair problems you will ever have’. A bold statement indeed! More specifically it promises the following 1o amazing benefits: moisturises all hair types; protect hair during thermal styling; gives brilliant shine; detangles; controls frizziness, seals in hair colour; strengthens hair; prevents split ends; shields hair from sun and wind damage; absorbs quickly without greasiness.

I’ve been using it for just over a week now and I can honestly say that my hair feels INCREDIBLY SOFT, appears BEAUTIFULLY SHINY, and SMELLS DELICIOUS! So, whether or not it actually does all the stuff it promises, I shall continue to use it for these 3 reasons alone! You can buy it online by clicking here. Priced £15.49 for 118ml.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Activity Station

Learn & Groove

Up until now, Richmond Baby has largely been happy to lie flat on her back kicking about in her baby gym, swatting hanging things and looking in the mirror (that’s attached, to the gym, good girl). But, as she’s getting a bit older and gradually much stronger, she now finds it quite frustrating to be lying down a lot and would rather be upright. A friend of mine had bought the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Activity Station for her little boy and after a trial run of it, I decided to buy one. Well, Richmond Baby is LOVING IT! It’s great when we’re at home to add to the variety of places to “put” her where she’ll be safe and also stimulated and entertained.

There’s upbeat music, fun sounds, lights, dance beats, and counting as well as the ABC,

Sing it Baby!

but perhaps my favourite bit (largely because of my own love of karaoke!) is the microphone, which sings out “ba-ba-do-wah” and “sing it baby” when she pulls it towards her (usually to slobber on and suck!).

Little ones from 4-12 months can enjoy playing in it and while it’s not cheap (£69.95 from Kiddicare), it’s worth its weight in gold for keeping her amused and she’ll get a fair few months use out of it, plus it might even teach her to salsa as well as learn her ABCs!

Amy Winehouse

Some will say it was inevitable, some will say she threw her life away, all I know is that as someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, the loss of Amy Winehouse this week is undeniably sad and tragic. So young, so talented, so adored, and yet so flawed. But none of us are without our flaws are we? The fact that her addictions consumed her and left her addled and shambolic is tragic but it is not, in my view, something that should be shrugged off as “her own fault”.

I have always been a big fan of her music, I was lucky enough to see her perform three times and one of those was the night she sang in a live link-up to the Grammy’s in 2008, when she was awarded no less that 5 prizes. She was an incredible talent, an incredible voice, but also a very down-to-earth, regular girl. I met her once and when she was introduced to me she gave me a big hug and I had a squeeze of her infamous beehive. She was sweet, she was friendly, she was normal.

Regardless of what anyone else may say, what anyone else’s view may be, I believe that her songwriting and singing talent was immense and her music will continue to move people both now and in years to come. So this week, in particular, I shall be revisiting Back to Black and reminding myself of how brilliant every song on that album is and I’ll be remembering Amy Winehouse as she was before the addictions took hold, because that’s how I think she deserves to be remembered.

Rest in peace Amy xx

What are you loving this week?

14 thoughts on “This week I’m loving…

  1. Argan Oil is flipping amazing, I’ve been using it for a few months now. If you get an unbranded, oil, you can also use on skin (well, I think so… I mean, I have…) x

    • Interesting! I’ve never heard of it before, but after using this hair stuff – which is AMAZING – I shall be investigating other ways to lather myself up in this oil, it is clearly bloody good stuff! x

  2. I think Frank is still my favourite of the two. It just evokes the memory of seeing seeing her on Jools Holland for the first time and thinking “Wow!”
    I’m really surprised how sad I am. I was always looking for the news that she’d turned it around. The only time I ever saw her she was apparently sober and actually very engaging in conversation.

    • Yes, I do love Frank too – particularly ‘Stronger Than Me’, love that song, and ‘You Sent Me Flying’, and ‘In My Bed’ – actually, there’s too many mention!! But I think maybe I just haven’t listened to it as much as Back to Black, which I have practically memorised!! She was WOW, it’s such a loss 😦 I know what you mean, I also feel really sad about her death, you always hoped that she would come out the other end and turn it around.

  3. Another brilliant baby-entertainment contraption is the Jumperoo There’s nothing more hilarious than watching your baby bounce up and down like a mentalist the first time you put them in it. But it all depends on how many pieces of large, brightly-coloured bits of plastic you want in your house really…

    • Oooh thanks for the tip – I’ll check it out. Yes, I never factored in large brightly coloured bits of plastic in my original interiors decor plan but I fear that I may have to succumb… xx

    • It is pretty amazing stuff, I was really surprised at how quickly it made my hair feel and smell amazing (even when rained on I hasten to add!). Oooh you love karaoke too do you? – we are indeed kindred spirits… I once even auditioned for Pop Idol (the Will Young year!) – sadly didn’t make it past the first round 😦 still dreaming of becoming an international pop singing sensation… x

      • Well at least you obviously can hold a tune to have auditioned for Pop Idol, I have been told that what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm! My next karaoke night is 12th August – I have already submitted my playlist in 😉
        Imagine if you had got through to the live shows, I could be blogging about bumping into you in the loos!

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