This week I’m loving…

Week Three.

Well, I’m writing and posting this much later in the day than planned but it has been, in the words of that paragon of musical talent The Bangles, a manic Monday, so now is the first chance I’ve had to get scribing.  So, without further ado, this week I’m loving…

Home Grown Fruit & Veg.

Courgettes, broad beans, runner beans, cabbage, raspberries, gooseberries, not to mention the tomatoes.  I am lucky enough to have green-fingered in-laws who grow enough veggies and fruit on their allotment to feed the 5,000 (well, possibly the whole of Richmond anyway) and each week they come with armfuls of their latest home-grown produce.  It’s fantastic!

The quantities they bring each week are such that I have literally stopped buying vegetables from the supermarket now and am having to explore a variety of creative ways to use them all up (no sniggering at the back please) otherwise boiled or steamed every night would get crashingly boring.  So, this weekend, I made some rather tasty Courgette & Cheese Scones that were incredibly moreish and made for a nice afternoon snack with cups of tea and coffee in the garden.

It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination and a courgette (ahem...)

You can find the recipe I used here – I doubled the quantities as I wanted to use up more courgettes (seriously, I have about a million) but even then I only used two, so if you have any courgette recipes to share that’ll use up a load of the buggers then please send them my way!

Earth Friendly Toiletries

We were sent some Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes and some Minty Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash to try out.

Now, I never thought I’d say this, but these days I have an opinion on wipes.  Oh yes.  Personally I find the Huggies ones a bit on the dry side, the Johnson’s ones a bit on the wet side, the Pampers ones pretty much just right, and the Bepanthen ones absolutely AMAZING – because they are wipes that contain the brilliant Bepanthen cream in them and they make your baby’s bot incredible soft and peachey!  BUT they are très expensive, we’re talking about £3 for a pack of 12 – eek!! I limited purchase of them therefore to when Richmond Baby had a particularly nasty bout of nappy rash associated with a 9-a-day pooing habit, associated with the onset of teething (well, we think that’s what caused it but who knows for sure).   All cleared up now.  So, anyway, I was interested to try out the Earth Friendly wipes, because I’d not experimented with them before and I was pleased to see they were eco friendly too.  And I’m pleased to say that I very much liked them.  They were the right “wetness”, easy to glide over baby’s bum, and seemed nice and gentle.

Kind on baby's bum and the planet!

They are blended with organic Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and calm baby’s most delicate areas and promise to leave skin smooth, soft, and delicately cleansed, which I can report they did.  Plus they’re 100% biodegradable, made from material derived from wood pulp and starch – which make them kinder to the enviroment – and they cost £3.05 for 72 wipes (thereby much more cost effective than the Bepanthen ones… although I would still default to those if nappy rash rears it’s head again as they were really rather good).

We also got on well with the bodywash/shampoo and Richmond Baby enjoyed the bubbles it created in the bath.  I wasn’t entirely sold on the Minty Lavender smell, but it did provide a nice cool and relaxing bathtime for baby.

Products are available from selected Waitrose stores and other wellbeing outlets or online from

Mulberry’s Apple Double Wrap Bracelet

Ooooh Mulberry, how I HEART YOU!  The new season collection is out and straight off the bat I have already identified the accessory I shall lust after the most:  the Apple Double Wrap Bracelet.  It is B-A-U-TIFUL! Just look at it…. take a moment:

Oh Mulberry, like in the garden of Eden, how you tempt me with your Apple


Deer brown buffalo shine leather.  Skinny leather bracelet, which doubles around the wrist.  A playful apple charm to reflect the autumnal season.  Isn’t it just darling?!  What luck that it is my birthday in a mere 26 days time…. (one can but dream….)

So, tell me, what are you loving this week?

8 thoughts on “This week I’m loving…

    • I know, it’s toooo gorgeous! It’s £150 so it’s not cheap, but hey it is Mulberry – it’s not too bad price wise for a special birthday style treat I think. I neeeeeed it too! x

  1. Those courgettes looks massive, I wish I was more green fingered! I grew strawberries this year (about 6!). I love Mulberry! I admired their little oak handbag for months and months and then on one particularly bad day, bought it!! 🙂

    • Ha ha I know and I have more arriving on Monday – my in laws are incredible at growing fruit and veg, it’s saving me a fortune! Ooooh sometimes you just have to give into the call of the Mulberry – besides, it’s an investment, you’ll have it forever!! xx

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