The Gallery #6

Okay, so if you’re in the slightest bit squeamish, look away now…. gone?

Right, so, the theme set for The Gallery by Sticky Fingers this week is Birth:

21st February 2011

I’ve pondered over the last week or so since the theme was set as to whether or not to post this picture.  It’s pretty personal and pretty intense, but it’s also – I think – pretty powerful and everything else I considered posting to reflect the theme just paled in comparison.

This picture was taken by Richmond Daddy the day he became Richmond Daddy (and I, Richmond Mummy!).  After being two weeks overdue, being induced and getting to 3cms dilated (yes, only 3cms dilated!), taking every drug going (man, it was PAINFUL!), and 34 hours of – as the (male) consultant put it – “achieving nothing” – I had an emergency c-section and this was the moment that my baby girl was brought into the world.  Thanks to the incredible efforts and skills of the team at Kingston Hospital, she was delivered safe and sound (all 9lbs 10oz of her!), and I am eternally grateful to them.  Thank you.

As you can see, she wasn’t overly happy at being wrenched into the world.  She was clearly quite comfy snuggled up inside and was showing no signs of coming out of her own accord.

That day, my life changed for ever.

That day, she was born and a new me was born too.

That day I will never forget.

That day was incredible.

I love you Allegra.

This post was written for week 68 of The Gallery: Birth.  If you want to check out other photos and blogs around this theme (and do, because they’re likely to be good) then click here  and go explore.

6 thoughts on “The Gallery #6

  1. A beautiful picture of a new life, welcomed and immediatley beloved! Thank you for sharing this blessed moment of sheer joy x

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