This week I’m loving…

Week Four.

How can it possibly be Monday again so soon? – well, it is, there’s no denying it, and it’s that time again folks, time for my Monday feature and so, this week I’m loving…

The Hermès Colouring Book

Ludicrous, yes.  Extravagant, most certainly.  Slightly ridiculous (and yet highly desirable…), for sure.  But since my lovely friend @damyantipatel  pointed it out to me – she’s a demon like that – I must confess, I can’t stop thinking about it!  The Hermès Les 4 Mondes colouring book is a snip insanely pricey at £95 for all delicious a mere 12 pages; it certainly must be the most expensive colouring book on the planet, but it is undeniably tempting.

Couture Colouring

Couture colouring in, you gotta love that surely?!  I bet Harper Seven Beckham has one, humpf!  I bet Suri Cruise has one too…

Richmond Park

In contrast to my above mentioned object of desire, I am naming Richmond Park as one of the things I’m loving this week: you see, sometimes it is indeed true, that the best things in life are free (and not wrapped in beautiful orange boxes!).

Last week, Richmond Baby and I enjoyed a gorgeous morning in the park with Not Yet A Yummy Mummy and Mummy And The Beastie, their little ones, who are gorgeous, and friends, also gorgeous.  We had all gathered together to celebrate National Play Day,


supported by Savlon, and spending some time there on the grass, under a shady tree, enjoying the scenery and watching the little ones play, reminded me of just how lucky I am to have such a beautiful space on my doorstep.  I must make more effort to spend more time there and I can’t wait to introduce Richmond Baby to the resident deer (when the time is right!).  Thank you to Donna for organising a great day.

Bright Red Jeans

I don’t profess to be up on the latest fashions, in governing what I wear these days the rule of thumb is (a) can I fit into it, (b) is it something other than my pyjamas, (c) does it have no fewer than 2-3 sick/or other possibly unidentified marks on it.  If it ticks all those boxes then I throw it on and hope for the best!  But, in the last couple of days, following a momumental chuck everything out that I haven’t worn in the last year and am too depressed to even look at anymore wardrobe springclean, I popped off to the shops and fell in love with a pair of bright red jeans from Gap.

Scarlet jeans – loving them right now

I’m not entirely sure if I’ve made a mistake here, they’re from the “Always Skinny” range at Gap and believe me, that’s a description that doesn’t apply to me, no way no how, but despite that, I felt compelled to buy them for all their cheery red appleness.  The fabric also feels nice and soft too, not stiff like some denims can feel, so hopefully I’ll be able to prance around at Gymboree easily in them without them splitting. Ahem.

That’s it for this week.

Now tell me, what is it you’re loving this week?

9 thoughts on “This week I’m loving…

  1. Wow that is one designer colouring book, something you would look at admire but cringe if a crayon was within half an inch! Certainly an item I expect Harper Seven to acquire.

    The red jeans are lovely, I see what you mean. It’s a statement item of clothing! I need to do a wardrobe clear out but I have to be in a ruthless mood 🙂 x

  2. Loving the red jeans too, sadly my belly would hang over the top of the waistband. This is a great weekly feature, am enjoying it lots! I also love how you are basically creating my birthday wish list for me 😉

    • Thanks, glad you are giving it the thumbs up 🙂 I may well have a muffin top in the jeans too but am choosing to ignore it… Yes, my birthday list is slowly forming too, heh heh! X

  3. Not getting the Hermes colouring book
    – at all. Loving the red jeans. Fab. This week i am loving moth traps – new discovery solving an old problem but only after the ate an expensive merino wool top. Not be cool or glam but fact.

  4. Oooh I am loving the Hermes colouring in book although I think it is so gorgeous that I would keep it for myself – far too good for children! Ooops did I say that out loud..?
    And I absolutely love love LOVE the red jeans! I bet you look amazing in them.
    Some fabulous choices yet again this week 🙂

    • Thank you sweetie, glad you liked the post 🙂 I quite agree, the colouring book is possibly best suited to mummy rather thank kiddiwinks – actually, that could be a fun evening hobby, settling down on the sofa to do some colouring in, heh heh. Haven’t rocked out the red jeans just yet, keep looking at them and not quite feeling brave enough yet! Soon… soon x

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