We are sailing…

Well, in truth, we weren’t, but it seemed like an appropriate title for this post, which is all about our fantastic day out yesterday at Cowes Week: one of the UK’s biggest and best sailing regattas.  To quote another song lyric, “oh what fun we had!” – we were invited to pop over to Cowes by a colleague of Richmond Daddy’s, who has a house there and is a sailing nut, so off we went for the day and had a whale of a time!

We caught the Red Funnel ferry from Southampton, which took a speedy half hour, Richmond Baby was very well-behaved (as always!) and enjoyed making new friends with the other passengers (some of whom were drinking Corona… it was 9.15am! I don’t like to judge, but really?!? I hadn’t even had my breakfast!).  When we arrived in Cowes it was a bit blustery and drizzly, but no matter as we had dressed for dodgy weather.

First stop was to meet with our friends, Richmond Daddy’s colleagues, and then we headed back to their house for a warming cup of coffee before we braved the seafront at Cowes Parade to watch a spot of racing.  I didn’t really understand what was going on, despite best efforts to explain to me where they were starting the race, finishing the race, and everything in between – it was a bit confusing as the boats just seemed to be going this way and that way all over the place.  Apparently the tide was pulling them one way and the wind pushing them another, which was making the water choppy and the sailing tricky.  Anyway, it was fun to watch even if you didn’t really know what was happening!

Although the starter cannons firing did make me jump, Richmond Baby seemed oblivious to them.  She certainly seemed to enjoy everything that was going on, although that’s perhaps not reflected in these pictures so much…  sometimes it is hard to get her looking and smiling at the camera at the same time, so often we just settle for looking in the right direction… or sometimes not even that!

Afterwards we had a wander around Cowes, popped into a few of the lovely shops – many of whom had some great sailing related shop window displays.  We also enjoyed some de-li-cious fish ‘n’ chips, yum yum (post pregnancy diet put to one side momentarily…).  Then we headed back to the Red Funnel to sail back to Southampton, tired and a bit buffeted by the wind, but very happy and having had a great day out.

Accessories include Silver Cross sailboat for chewing/sucking (thank you Nonna!)

4 thoughts on “We are sailing…

  1. Looks like a lovely day. I must say, Allegra does look like her daddy, doesn’t she? Isn’t it annoying when they don’t really look like you?! You spend 9 months keeping them warm and fed, hours of agony getting them out and they don’t even have the decency to resemble you! Annalie is so like her dad, I’m beginning to doubt I had any hand at all in her creation….

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