This week I’m loving…

Week Five.

A bit of a quickie this week, but a couple of things that have caught my eye I wanted to share, so:  this week I’m loving…

Giant Cushions from Runaway Coast

I spotted these while mooching around town in Cowes last week when Richmond Daddy, Baby, and I, were enjoying our Cowes Week day out, and I thought they were pretty gorgeous.  Oversized cushions, perfect for lounging on in the garden, they come in lots of delicious fabrics from stylish stripes to a patriotic Union Jack.  There are the original ones made from 100% cotton, which make for comfy indoor floor cushions, but the ones I particularly liked the look of are the splashproof ones, which are designed for outdoor lounging.  I think I might just have to order one to make the most of the last few weeks of summer, it looks like it might provide the perfect resting place for a weary head seeking 5 minutes in the sun with a glass of Pimms.  Mmmm, reeeeeelaaaaaax.  There are lots of other tempting things on the Runaway Coast website and the fact that the majority of their products are designed and made in the UK means that shopping with them is virtually an essential if you want to boost the British economy.  So, get to it!

Saint Valentine’s Liquorice Company

I am a lover of liquorice.  All flavours, all varieties, from Bertie Bassetts’ All Sorts and up.  So, I was intrigued by this company, also spotted during our trip to Cowes, and I had to investigate.  I bought a pack of the mixed bag of 10 sticks, assorted flavours, and mmm mmm mmm were they yummy?!  yes, they were.  Admittedly the mint flavoured fondant one did blow my head off slightly, but then I’ve always struggled a bit with mint, but the other flavours really did float my boat (see what I did there?  we were at Cowes Week… the flavours floated my boat… ahem):  blueberry fondant filled, tutti frutti, lemon, even the Cola Candy stick with Cola Lemon fondant – which does I grant you sound a bit gross – was absolutely deeeelicious!  You can buy online or from one of their mobile shops at festivals and events.  Seriously, if you love liquorice, you’ve got to try this stuff.

So, over to you, tell me – what are you loving this week?

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