The things you can’t capture on camera

Richmond Baby will be 6 months old this weekend, I can hardly believe it.  Really, where has the time gone?  When you have a baby, everyone tells you that it goes so fast and before you know it you’re packing them off to university and you nod and say “yeah”, but now I really get it.  And it’s scary.

Earlier this week, I was reading a post on a similar theme over at Mummy Daddy & Me Makes Three and it got me thinking about all those little things that become special to you when your baby is this age.  The things that no matter how many photos you take (and believe me, we’ve taken LOTS), you can only capture in your mind and in your memories.

So I thought it would be a good idea to jot them down here, so that when my mind and my memory is addled and vague (which is fairly often I will admit), I will at least have them captured in some way to refer to and remember.  Here are my top 5 things I just can’t capture on camera:

The first thing is:  chubby thighs!  Richmond Baby has the best chubby thighs, like, ever!  Sure, we can photograph them, but what I’m talking about here is the way they feel when you podge them and squidge them.  Oooooh they are squidgy.  I like to podge them with both hands simultaneously, my thumbs one side of each thigh and forefingers the other, so that the chubbiest part of the thigh is well gripped for the ultimate squeezing position.  I squeeze those thighs on average about a thousand and three times a day.  People tell me that once she starts moving around, the podgy thighs will go… this is of course a good thing for her, I don’t want her growing up with thunder thighs after all, but boy oh boy am I going to miss them.  And no amount of photos is going to provide the same satisfaction of hands-on squidging 😦

Secondly, I want to make note of:  baby snogs!  When Richmond Baby starts to get weary, usually end of the day weary rather than just morning or afternoon nap weary, she looks to suck on anything that’s in the vicinity.  And when I have her in my arms to carry her up to her room, that is usually my face.  I call it her “baby snogs”, when she suctions on to whatever part of my face she is closest to and sucks!  I can feel her little tongue lapping at my cheek or the side of my chin or sometimes even my nose!  Wet, snoggy, slobbery, but strangely sweet and nice!  I look forward to my baby snogs of an evening, I will miss them when they stop 😦

In at number three is: the touch of little hands.  We have taken plenty of photographs of Richmond Baby’s little hands – actually quite a few people have commented that she has quite big hands, for a baby… – the touch of little baby hands is just so unique, so soft, so indescribable.  When she’s enjoying her bottle, she often slowly pats the back of my hand with her little hand or she grips one of my fingers.  It’s such a lovely feeling, much better than when she uses her little baby hands to whack me in the face or pull out my hair…. hmmmm, those baby hands can be destructive as well as soft and gentle!! I also love the way she uses her little fingers to explore new textures by slowly scratching things, you hear her little scratchy nails on cushions or the side of her travel cot.  Scratch, scratch, scratch, and you look over at her and there she is, ears sort of cocked and listening, little fingers going.  It is too cute.

The fourth thing is: her heavy, sleepy head.  Another bedtime related one here, it’s the feeling of her heavy, sleepy head against my shoulder when I pick her up if she’s grumbling in the night.  I think she is teething at the moment, which means that sometimes she’ll shriek out or start whimpering.  If she’s distressed then I pick her up and give her a cuddle.  She’s usually still asleep, even if she does open her eyes, so her head is all heavy and sleepy and she snuggles against my shoulder all floppy and snoozy.  It’s such a lovely feeling, words can’t really describe it, but I think about those times and instantly I can feel her little head, with its bald patch at the back (hee hee), clutched in my hand and snug on my shoulder.  Special.

My number five is:  baby soft skin.  I love bath time with baby and thankfully, on the whole, she loves it too – particularly now she is enjoying sitting up and splashing!  One of my favourite things about bath time is… naked baby!! Too cute, too squidgy, soooooo soft!

Naked Baby! getting ready for bath time

Love her baby soft skin, brilliant for snuggles and cuddles – I just have to make it quick in case she decides to take the opportunity to pee or worse on me while she is sans nappy, about to get into the tub.  Oh to have baby soft skin like that, it is B-A-U-TIFUL!

What are the things you love about your little one that you just can’t capture on camera?

4 thoughts on “The things you can’t capture on camera

  1. Haha! I remember the baby snogs! Annalie sucked on my chin so hard once, I had a big, round purple ‘love-bite’ for days!
    And the scratchy thing – whenever we were at someone else’s house and she was asleep in her travel cot, you’d know she had woken because you could hear scratching on the baby monitor – aaahh.

  2. I love this post, it is one of my favourites yet. Zachy is 2 next week and I can’t believe I am not a new mum anymore, the time has flown by. We take lots of photos but the feel of his (now skinny) thighs and the way he looks at me when he can’t get his own way and his little arms around my neck, just so precious and you can’t capture that. You have so much more to look forward to but keeping this blog is brilliant. I wish I had started mine when Zachy was younger as I really struggle to remember all the details now. I heart Allegra. She is the prettiest little girl I have ever seen, like, ever!

    • Aaah thank you 😉 maybe she can be a future girlfriend for Z hee hee! I’m looking forward to little arms around the neck, too cute, but it is scary how time flies so fast. Happy 2nd (eek!) birthday to Z for next week xx

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