This week I’m loving…

Week Six.

A travelling theme this week as we took Richmond Baby on her first flight at the weekend – most exciting!  A quick hop over to the Emerald Isle to pay a visit to my Granny (her Great Granny!) and other relatives there, made for baby’s first trip abroad and I’m glad to report it went swimmingly.  Not least in part due to a few choice items, which thereby make it to the top of the list of things that  this week I am indeed lovin’….

The BundleBean

I was sent a BundleBean to trial by the lovely Emily who came up with the idea for the product after having her first child and despairing at the amount of kit you need to take with you even for just a short trip to the shops.  It’s a versatile blanket that can be used on everything from a buggy to a bikeseat, baby carrier to a car seat.  It even serves as a playmat or picnic rug!  I was intrigued…

Our trip to Ireland seemed like the perfect opportunity to road-test the product, particularly given that I’d already packed everything but the kitchen sink (just in case!), so only having to take one blanket with me that could be useful in a million and one different ways seemed like a smart idea.  And useful, I can report, it most certainly was, for in the 3 short days we were on the go, we used it to…

– keep baby snug and warm in the car seat

Snug as a bug in her BundleBean

– keep baby snug and warm in the baby carrier

– serve as a playmat on the wooden/tiled floors when she needed to have a kick around and roll about (yes!!! she has started to roll!)

– serve as extra padding under her pop up cot

It was great!  And I can really see how I will use it lots particularly as we move into autumn/winter.  So what’s the difference between the BundleBean and a regular blanket I hear you ask?  Well, it has a unique zip-seam feature, which means the elasticated section at the bottom can be adjusted to create a pouch for children’s feet and a perfect fit on to your chosen mode of transport.  It also has two elasticated Velcro tabs, which form loops (to go around buggy frame or baby carrier straps) or fix onto each other in two different lengths (to fix around the back of a buggy / bike seat).

It’s really easy to put on and take off and Richmond Baby enjoyed giving it a bit of a chew too, which was fine because it has a waterproof nylon side (as well as a “anti pill fleece” side) so she didn’t end up with a soggy blanket… often the case.  I can honestly say that this is a great piece of kit and would highly recommend it: the BundleBean costs £29.99 and is available in selected ASDA stores or online, it is also soon to be stocked in Halfords and Boots.

The Samsonite Pop Up Bubble

Picture taken from the Gro Company website as I couldn't take a photo of Richmond Baby in the cot without waking her up!

We deliberated a lot over travel cots, most seemed far too heavy to do much travelling with rather ironically, but in the end we thought we’d give this one a try and with a price tag of £30.99 from The Gro Company, it seemed worth a punt.  Overall we were really pleased with it and Richmond Baby slept very happily in there for 2 nights while we were away.  The plus points are that it is super light (2kg); really quick and easy to assemble; and it zips all the way round so that baby is safely cocooned inside, in fact it features a zip up mosquito net – not necessary for our trip to Ireland but would be a useful feature in warmer climes.  A couple of things that I would highlight, one being that it proved rather challenging (and amusing) to get it back into its bag – but we think we have the knack now… – the other, I think the mattress is a bit on the thin side; not an issue really for a short stay away but I think it’s probably worth buying the inflatable mattress that goes with it but is sold separately if you’re going on a longer stay away from home.

The Gro Anywhere Blind

Another one from The Gro Company here, it’s their portable blackout blind, which proved really useful for us when on hols but is something we also make a lot of use of at home.  It attaches to the window with suction cups and instantly plunges the room into pitch black darkness: a necessity for giving Richmond Baby the ideal environment to snooze away her daytime naps in peace.

who turned out the lights?!

We actually have a blackout blind in the nursery but still put this one up behind it for additional blackout-ness, but it was really great to have it on holiday to make sure that we were able to get the room really dark for baby when she went down at night and it was still light.  I’d really recommend one for use both home and away:  £29.99 from The Gro Company.

What are your top tips for “must have” items to take when travelling with babies/kids?

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