Adventures in weaning…

I can’t believe that my little baby girl is already 6-months old and so is now ready for solid food! Well, when I say solid food, of course right now I mean puréed food, but anyway, food none the less (sort of) – well, something other than milk. Annnnnyway… so, we made it to the 6-month mark without her showing any desire for more than her 4 bottles of 240mls a day, but now we’re embarking on adventures in weaning.

It’s exciting, but also a bit scary. Scary that she’s growing up so fast, scary that she might have an allergy to something and I won’t know until she tries it and has some awful reaction (must try not to panic, must not always expect the worst!), and scary because now my time is going to be spent doing a lot of steaming and a lot of blending. Here’s to batch-cooking!

So, I am using two books as my guides through weaning: Gina Ford’s Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning and Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner. First impressions of these are that Gina gives me the prescriptive structure and guide that I like (I know she’s not for everyone and all those baby-led weaners out there are probably recoiling in horror, but so far she’s worked for me and Richmond Baby, so…), while the Annabel Karmel book is much glossier and more visually appealing with lots of yummy sounding recipes and inspiration for cooking tasty meals for your little one. So, I think once I get beyond the single vegetable /fruit stage, I shall be using the Annabel Karmel book for recipe inspiration and the Gina book for the day-to-day plan/structure.

Right, so week one, we started out with a bit of baby rice and then quickly moved on to baby rice plus fruit purée (apple or pear) and then things really got exciting when sweet potato and courgette appeared on the menu. So far so good, Richmond Baby has responded pretty enthusiastically and although there have been some interesting facial expressions, the house isn’t yet re-wallpapered in courgette, so that’s a bonus. Although I will highlight that things were a darned sight messier when Daddy gave her her dinner as opposed to when Mummy did it….. hmmmm – see evidence below. In short, I think the photos from this week probably record the events better than any words can, so I’ll leave you with these.

Baby Rice on Day One

Yum, pear!

When Daddy does dinner time...

Oh, one last thing before I go, we nearly had a crisis moment earlier today when Richmond Baby plunged her hand into a saucer of mustard (it’s a long story…), but thankfully I got to her with a baby wipe before she had a chance to stick her fingers in her mouth. Not exactly a first stage weaning food. Could have been interesting…

2 thoughts on “Adventures in weaning…

  1. Hi Richmond Mummy – I have to say I’m pleased to be past this stage. I remember if I went out I practically took my whole house with me. Now mine are 8, 6 and 3. It is heaven when you can arrange to go out and not have to pack their food as they can eat the same as you in a cafe! Mine loved finger food as well and we put this to the test when we went out for dim sum when our oldest was about 9 months and she loved it. Good luck!

    • Thanks!! Yes I am looking forward to the day that I don’t have to go out with bottles and milk and now bowls and spoons and baby food!! It’ll be great when she can just eat on the hoof in a restaurant! But then again that’ll mean she’s growing up and that’s already happening way too fast! Just glad that so far she seems quite enthusiastic about eating – so hopefully that’ll continue 🙂

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