Adventures in weaning… part II

Well hello there, long time no speak eh?!

Firstly, allow me to explain why things have been quiet over here on the Richmond Mummy blog.  A combination of annoying internet connection issues – now, thankfully fixed as of this morning, thank goodness (I’ve never felt so cut off!!) – and a long weekend trip to visit relatives in Italy, has meant that I have been well and truly removed from all things online.  Good for the soul I think, but it made me quite twitchy nonetheless.  Anyhow, I’m back and thought it was time to update on our journey into weaning.

Houston, I think we have a problem.  Well, maybe.  Possibly.  Not sure….

As I mentioned before, I am currently following the Gina Ford Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning plan, but once we are past the first month and on to the more exciting phase (i.e. not just introducing different fruits and vegetables in varying combinations), I think I’ll be largely switching over to Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner for recipe inspiration; as there are lots of scrummy looking dishes in there that I think Richmond Baby is sure to enjoy.

a little light reading

Actually, I also got a top tip from a fellow mummy friend (thank you Mrs Pritchard) to check out the Big Book of Recipes for Babies Toddlers, & Children – 365 Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dishes: From First Foods to Starting School (I know, catchy title…), so I may well check that out for ideas too.

Right, so, weeks two and three of weaning…. well, they’ve been a mixed bag.  Largely Richmond Baby started off pretty enthusiastically in week one, opened mouthed and happily chomping away on pretty much everything offered.  But in the last few days, she’s been a bit more tricksy and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s just telling me the things she’s keen on and the things she’s not, or if the timing is not working out in her favour, which means that on occasion, she’s been too tired and grouchy to enjoy lingering over brunch instead of just downing her usual bottle of milk and heading to her cot for a snooze.  Not sure, but there’s been quite a lot of frustrating pursed lips and raspberries blown in anger (this is the way she chooses to express herself…), which has meant shoving a spoon in her mouth is a bit challenging!  Today there were even a few tears 😦

enough already!

I’m hoping that our recent trip to Italy – when I decided that a few days spent visiting family (who don’t have a microwave or kettle between them…. they make everything fresh, nothing is frozen, and they rarely drink tea, so…) shouldn’t be spent peeling, chopping, steaming, and puréeing vegetables and instead chose to bring a selection of Ella’s Kitchen pouches with me for baby’s meals – hasn’t thrown things off course, but things have definitely been a bit more of a struggle in the last couple of days.

She’s still eating her solids, more or less, just not as much in terms of quantity and certainly not with quite the same cheery face and enthusiasm of the early days…. maybe it’s just she’s not so keen on the sharper tasting fruits like mango or the stronger tasting veggies like green beans that she’s been presented with recently?  Or maybe it is that the timing is not quite right and she’s too tired to bother faffing about with mummy singing out “choo-choo” and coming at her with a spoon…. who knows?! but I’m trying to stay positive and hope that come tomorrow normal behaviour will resume.

In the meantime, she has chub reserves to fall back on (aged 6 1/2 months she’s currently weighing in at around 21lbs, so not exactly fading away) so I shall keep the “food is fun until they’re one” mantra running on loop in my mind and not panic.  After all, it’s only been a few days of weirdness.  Maybe it’s the effects of teething? (that old chestnut you can blame everything on it seems!)

The last two weeks, I’ve been giving her the opportunity to expand her repertoire of fruits and veggies, so now she’s experienced not only apple and pear, sweet potato, carrot, and courgettes, but also peach and mango, as well as the odd bit of broccoli, parsnip, and in the last few days a spot of yoghurt has also entered the proceedings.  Tonight it was swede.

She seemed more than happy to chow down the Ella’s Kitchen pouches while on holiday (even when in desperation I had to feed her in the back of the car as we bounced over Rome’s cobbled streets in search of a parking space…. messy, but do-able), so enjoyed their Sweet Potato, Broccoli, & Carrots and Carrots, Apples, & Parsnips, as well as the rather convenient pre-mixed Baby Rice, Apples & Pears.  I’m just hoping that she hasn’t decided that she prefers Ella’s Kitchen to mummy’s kitchen…. hmmmm… for the last few days, since we returned from Italy and I switched back to homemade, she has been decidedly unimpressed with the puréed offerings I have put before her.  Sigh.

And it was going so well….

Allegra-led weaning....

Courage.  I will persevere.

Any tips (other than “throw in the towel and switch to baby led…”) gratefully received!

9 thoughts on “Adventures in weaning… part II

  1. Keep going! You’re doing beautifully! Deep breath and tomorrow is another day 🙂 She’s probably holding out for the dollop of sweet apple in the Ella’s kitchen meals – gotta love that sweet tooth!

    • Thanks Juliette, she did eat some banana porridge this morning without too much fuss, but is definitely not as easy to feed now as she was when we started. Am just going to keep going with it and not force her, hopefully this’ll just be a phase that passes! xx

  2. I agree with Juliette. Love Ella’s Kitchen, so easy/tasty and great when out and about as don’t need to worry about refrigerating. However, they always seem to put something sweet in the savoury which is a little annoying and frankly wrong, in my opinion. Persevere, it’s early days. Just because she doesn’t like it one day doesn’t mean it’s off the menu for good. And yes if she’s teething it might make a difference. Oh who’s all just one big guessing game. Gorgeous pics by the way xx

    • Thanks for the advice, yes you’re right – Ella’s Kitchen is great when on the go but yes they do seem to have apple mixed in with the savoury. Today I must confess I thought I’d see if that made a difference so gave her sweet potato and courgette mixed with apple and she ate it up quite happily… Will have to reduce apple gradually perhaps until she’s happy to eat without it? Just wanted to get her enjoying her food at home again! As you say, no day is the same!! Xx

  3. Morning RM! Try not to worry too much – I think it is very common for the initial enthusiasm to wear off around week 3. She’ll show more interest again when she works out the food fills her tummy the same way her milk does. I followed the ‘food is fun until they’re one’ mantra too. It can be so stressful but keep doing what you’re doing and she’ll get the hang of it soon xx

  4. I don’t think you have to ‘switch’ a such, just do whatever she prefers at the time. Arlo goes through phases every week or so; sometimes he only wants to be spoon fed, sometimes he wants finger foods, sometimes he refuses his lunch and wants to eat off my plate instead. Frustrating when you’ve just spent ages lunch for them!

    • this is really reassuring, to know that it’s normal for one day to be different to the next – I think I was smug enough to think that after a successful first week I had this weaning lark cracked…. shame on me!! I think she may have a taste for the sweet stuff after the Ella’s Kitchen pouches (which have had apple mixed in with veggies) because when I added apple to sweet potato, courgette, and swede, she ate it up quite happily – naughty mummy, am going to have to wean her off that and persevere! x

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