(Not so) Silent Sunday…

So it turns out the Silent Sunday Linky is no more, which is sad 😦 as I always rather looked forward to adding my photo each week.  Thank you to Mocha Beanie Mummy for hosting a fantastic Linky for the last 10 months, I for one really enjoyed taking part.

Anyway, I decided I would still post a photo this week, so here it is – my (not so, because I wrote this intro/explanation blurb – but for the record, in the past, I have always observed the no words rule!) Silent Sunday:

Silent Sunday

6 thoughts on “(Not so) Silent Sunday…

    • I bought them as I am about to embark on an exciting new business venture with a US jewellery company called Stella & Dot who are launching in the UK in about a month. I’ve signed up to be a founding UK stylist, so paid my sign up fee and this photo is of my starter kit (basically these are the samples of a range of items from the jewellery line that I’ll use when I host trunk shows in peoples homes/offices etc) – all very exciting because this little (well quite big actually) box of goodies will be the start of a brand new adventure for me… hope I make a success of it! x

    • thank you! it’s my Stella & Dot starter kit of samples – have just signed up as a UK founding stylist so am very excited to be starting out with this new business venture – hope it all goes well, eek!

    • Exactly yes, basically the same sort of thing. But gorgeous jewellery instead of handcuffs and naughty toys hee hee! I’ll be selling through the in home or office etc parties and will also have a website people can buy through – so will keep you posted so you can take a look. There are some fab things and prices range from about £15 up to around £200 so lots of variety and choice. Can’t wait to get going! x

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