Baby goes swimming…

Richmond Baby has started swimming lessons – or actually, to give them their proper name, “water confidence” lessons.  We’re into week three and so far, so good.  She seems to enjoy it, sort of, well let’s just say she doesn’t cry and wail through the lesson so I’m taking that to be a good sign.

As much as I am enjoying taking her, because bobbing her up and down in the water is immeasurably cute and fun, I have to admit, it is a huge amount of effort for 15 minutes of fun.  Isn’t that always the way…

There’s the prep: getting her rigged up in her Huggies Swim Nappies (essential!) – which by the way, haven’t let us down so far and last week they were tested let’s just say that – getting her into her swimming costume, packing up the bag with all the paraphernalia required (top tip, bring 2 towels for baby, 1 is never enough!), getting myself swimming pool ready… well, doing what I can, essentially ensuring legs etc. are hair free… essentially I am not of sound enough body to be really swimming pool ready but as long as I’m free of visible body hair I figure that’s enough….

We get to the pool, I have to undress her, undress me, pack up the changing room locker – one-handed as I hold baby on one hip and with her two towels wedged under my chin. Then it’s 15 minutes of fun and really, it is fun, apart from the dunking her under the water bit, which I find a bit scary (and goodness knows what she thinks of that bit?!). Then before I know it we’re back to the changing rooms, now feeling soggy and damp, and it’s time to try to peel off her swimsuit and soggy swim nappy (woe betide me if I have to deal with a poo bum at this point, thankfully that’s only happened once so far), dry her, dress her, dry myself – who’s probably dripped on her numerous times by now thereby requiring more drying of her – dress myself, re-pack bag, ensure locker is empty, get her back into the buggy, then home, then into bed straight away before she realises she’s been awake far too long.  And breeeeathe a moment of relief, before I have to prepare her lunch.

As I said, it’s quite a lot of effort for 15 minutes of fun.

But, it is fun.  Here she is in action with Richmond Daddy, who took her for her lesson last week (thereby allowing me to skip a week of needing to be swimming pool ready – yay-hay! I probably shouldn’t have admitted that…)

Paying attention to the instructions

Trying to drink the pool

Laid back...

Taking the plunge

Not fussed. Although Richmond Daddy is clearly enjoying!

As I said, she doesn’t exactly seem overly excited to be there, but I think she’s enjoying it on the inside….

2 thoughts on “Baby goes swimming…

  1. Ah, so sweet! I took Zachy to Little Dippers and he loved it – well he didn’t cry so I also took that as a good sign! You are right about the effort though – I used to go to the in-laws for lunch after as it was really close to the pool so I had to pack for a whole day out. I think in hindsight, I probably enjoyed it more than he did – I cried on his last lesson before I went back to work!

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