5 Things I love about being a mother (and 5 things I don’t!)…

I read a great post the other day by the stylish and beautiful Alice Harold who blogs at More Than Toast (you must go check it out) on the 5 things she loves about being a mother – which includes her daughter’s laugh, cuddles, and buying baby clothes – and the 5 things she doesn’t – which includes temper tantrums and lack of sleep!  And it got me thinking about my own list, so here it is:

5 Things I Love About Being a Mother:

Me and my girl

  1. Allegra’s giggles:  it is the cutest baby giggle I have ever heard and she laughs at the most random things.  This week it was the noise of sellotape being ripped as I packaged up a parcel, it sent her into hysterics!
  2. Hanging out together: I just love the time we spend together, whether it’s at home dancing around the living room to her funny European Music CD we bought at Gymboree (we like the Trampoline song in Finnish the best) or it’s going for walks in the park, or having fun at one or other of the baby classes we go to, Richmond Baby is just a sheer joy to be around and I love every minute of her company.
  3. Hearing her say “ma ma ma mama”: I don’t think for one minute she knows what she’s saying but it sounds very like “mama mama” and I love it every time she does it…  
  4. Watching her discover new things: her little face concentrating, trying to figure something out, or seeing her develop a new skill or reaction to something is just fascinating and brilliant.
  5. Seeing her with Daddy: when the two of them are pottering around in the garden together and Richmond Daddy is pointing out flowers and trees while she looks on or if they are lazing on a picnic rug having a snooze, it’s just too cute and it melts my heart.

And 5 Things I don’t…

  1. Backache: in fact just aching generally, all the time, with all the lifting and carrying, bending and stretching, twisting and contorting that comes with looking after a baby.  It’s not fun feeling like I have the body of an old lady at 36!
  2. Mum-Tum: sometimes I think I still look 4-months pregnant if I wear the wrong thing or forget to keep breathing in!! Must find time to exercise, must find time to exercise, must find time to exercise!
  3. Being puked on: since the introduction of solids, this has lessened, but there are still regular puking on mummy’s shoulders moments or down the side of my neck.  Thankfully there hasn’t been a repeat (pardon the pun) of the puking in my mouth incident of a few weeks ago.
  4. Poo-bums: I realise that nappy changing comes with the territory, but man-alive, sometimes a poo-bum is just terrifying, particularly at the moment when we’re in the throes of weaning.  Scary!
  5. Change: I know that we have so much to look forward to as Richmond Baby grows and changes, but at the same time it all feels like it’s going way too fast and sometimes I just wish I could freeze time and enjoy her as a tiny bubba for that bit longer.

Would I recommend motherhood? – well, as the lovely Alice put it: “absolutely”!

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