Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

All together now…. oh I do like to be beside the seeeeeeeeeeea!  But, who would have thought it possible to be beside the sea on a sunny sunny day in the UK on the 1st of October?!? That’s global warming for you I guess… Yes, this weekend, Richmond Daddy insisted we ignore the long list of tedious tasks we usually have to crack through of a weekend and instead pack up our picnic hamper and head to the beach for a day of sun, sea, sand, and surviving with a baby at the beach.

So, off we went to West Wittering near Chichester in Sussex, to introduce Richmond Baby to the joys of an English seaside experience.  And it was lovely!  Beautiful (well beautiful for the UK) sandy beach, lovely clear and crisp sea water – although I was only brave enough to paddle, still can’t get my head around swimming in the sea in this country – and enough space that we didn’t feel like sardines crammed in alongside a million and one other people who’d decided to maximise the sunny October day with a day at the beach.

The Highs:

  • Seeing Richmond Baby in awe of the seaside around her, the new sights and sounds she took in carefully and appeared to enjoy
  • Watching her eat strawberries for the very first time, the squishy red fruit oozing from her lips (and down her front… the dress is soaking in Napisan as I type)
  • Seeing her giggle and marvel at the waves coming in and lapping against her little feet and feeling her feet sink into the wet sand at the shore
  • Burying her toes in the soft sand
  • Watching her peacefully snooze under a big umbrella after her bottle of milk, with the sea breeze softly ruffling her hair, which was stood up straight on her head punk-style with all the sun-cream that had been rubbed into it (by Daddy…)
  • Having the chance to snooze in the warm sun on a Saturday afternoon with the sound of the sea in our ears
The Lows:
  • Trying to stop Richmond Baby from eating sand…. repeat x10!
  • Trying to stop Richmond Baby from eating the towel covered in sand… repeat x5
  • Changing a poo-bum on the beach while trying not to get it on the sand covered towel – she’s wriggling so much these days this makes this very tricky! – and trying not to get sand into her nappy
  • Having to change a poo-bum on the grass verge at a petrol/service station en route home because there were no changing facilities
  • Trying to stop Richmond Baby from eating grass during above nappy changing incident
But the highs certainly outweighed the lows: what a lovely way to spend an October saturday…

A day at the beach

A rare moment of keeping her sun hat on

Enjoying some hummus for the first time

A little paddle

First taste of fresh strawberries, essential beach picnic fare

An afternoon snooze in the shade

A piggyback down to the sea

Hanging with mummy (hat discarded...)

PS. I experienced serious beach hut envy while down on the beach watching one family who looked like something out of The White Company catalogue breezing in and out of their pale blue painted hut, eating freshly barbecued corn on the cob as the blonde flowing haired children (and that was just the boys) ran around playing badminton with the wind in their hair.  Apparently Keith Richards bought a hut at West Wittering for £60k… if anyone knows how I can get me one for a whole lot less then do let me know!

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