Yay, I’m an Emma’s Diary Blogger!

I have an announcement to make… I’m now an Emma’s Diary Blogger and pleased as punch about it I am too!  As most of you will know, Emma’s Diary is the popular and award-winning pregnancy guide written in association with the Royal College of General Practitioners that is generally given to mothers-to-be by their GPs or midwives.  I remember it was one of the first sources of information I got my hands on when I was newly pregnant with Richmond Baby and I devoured the pages, but tried desperately hard not to jump ahead in reading the week-by-week pregnancy diary – so that I wouldn’t spoil it for myself – but the weeks go by soooooo slowly in those first 3-months that I was frequently reading two weeks at a time.  So risqué me…!

Anyhooooo, I digress.  So yes, the Emma’s Diary magazine, which is complimented by the website of the same name, has now launched the Emma’s Diary Blog and I am delighted to have been chosen as one of the 10 “real women” bloggers contributing to the site.  How cool is that?!? I’m so happy to be part of the Emma’s Diary bloggy-family and will now be sharing my Richmond Mummy musings over at The Real Emma’s Diary (as well as on here of course).

My first post on the blog will be published on 11th November, but in the meantime you can swing by the site to take a look at the other bloggers who’ll be contributing and start reading all their individual stories as they go live in the coming weeks.

And once again I say…. Yay!! (I get a bloggy badge and everything – see right – pleased as punch I am, pleased as punch…)

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