Baby’s First Photoshoot…

Back in the summer, Richmond Daddy and I went along with Richmond Baby to the local NCT Cheeky Monkey’s tea-party and bid in a silent auction for a baby photoshoot with Jess Morgan Photography: a locally based photographer who is also a mum of one and specialises in baby and child photography.  We were lucky enough to win the auction lot and so had an at-home shoot with Jess about a month ago to photograph Richmond Baby in her natural habitat.

After getting some inspiration from Jess’s website and blog, I had the idea to create a teddy bears’ picnic in the garden and have pictures of Richmond Baby shot in the outdoors enjoying cups of imaginary tea from her beautiful Emma Bridgewater children’s tea set that a friend had given us as a new baby present.  We set the scene with lots of traditional looking teddies and a wicker picnic hamper, thankfully it was a beautiful sunny September day, so it was the perfect weather for an outdoor shoot.  Jess was fantastic, as a mum herself she really understands how to encourage the smiles and laughter out of a little one for the camera and she was really patient in snapping away until she got the right shots.  It was so much fun and we are absolutely over the moon with the results, here are a few of my favourite pics (and believe me it is almost impossible to choose!):








After the garden shoot, we then went inside to capture some more pics of Allegra at home and we took some of the two of us together.  I would like to thank Jess for (a) making our (often messy despite my best efforts) home look like something out of a Hello! shoot and (b) making me look A LOT better on film than I could ever in real life!!  again, some of my favourites…

Even Pigalle got in on the act…

We’re so delighted with the photos and will treasure them for years to come, I hadn’t actually thought about getting some professional photos of Richmond Baby shot but now I realise that it is so so worth doing!  And if you live in/around the Richmond area then I can’t recommend Jess Morgan highly enough!  Here are some more gorgeous pics she took of Richmond Baby… (I’m her mum, indulge me in this opportunity to show-off! thank you!!):

I’ll definitely be wanting to do another shoot with Jess in the future, not least because it would also be great to get some pics shot with all three of us – as Richmond Daddy missed out on this one – but also to capture some pics of Richmond Baby as she grows into Richmond Little Miss (but of course I can’t imagine a time when she’s not a little bubba so am not going to think about that too much right now!).

Jess Morgan Photography

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