Food diary of a new(ish) mum, aged 36 and 2 months…

Posted retrospectively for 5th November*

I’ve been blogging, here and here and here, about my weaning journey with Richmond Baby and while I’ve been reflecting on that, it struck me that the amount of time and effort I put into creating gourmet Annabel Karmel inspired dishes for baby, directly correlates to the lack of focus and attention I put into my own daily diet.  In fact, while I don’t profess to ever having been a Gwyneth when it comes to food, I always considered myself to have a healthy balanced diet that combined nicely with my “a little bit of what you fancy does you good” philosophy, but now, I’m not so sure…

In the 8-months since Richmond Baby came on the scene, my day, and therefore my daily diet, now looks something a bit like this:

6.15-6.30am  Richmond Baby awakes, usually with a poo bum, so it’s a nappy change and unless I can persuade her to go back to sleep, which usually is a no-go at this time, it’s downstairs to prepare her breakfast

6.45am ish     Richmond Baby feasts on either baby porridge with mashed banana, or weetabix with milk followed by pureed fruit of some description, washed down with a bottle of milk

7am ish           Let the play time commence!! Richmond Baby gets to work in the playroom, with mummy drifting in and out to sing Wheels on the Bus, or bounce the bouncy ball, or prize something from her mouth that ideally shouldn’t be sucked or munched on (like a book that is disintegrating from repeatedly being slobbered over)

7.15am ish     I boil the kettle for the 3rd time and this time actually make it as far as making a cup of tea or coffee – victory!

7.20am          I go to take a sip of said cuppa, when a shriek from the playroom sees me putting the cup back down and running to baby’s aid.  I usually find her flat on her face at this point having given up attempts to crawl and getting frustrated from being face-down on the soft floor tiles.  I pick her up and put her back into a sitting position, meanwhile noticing the distinct waft of a post breakfast poo-bum…. I investigate… yes, it’s a poo bum… I then set about the second nappy change of the morning.

7.30am          Nappy change done.  Hooray, I sing a quick Humpty Dumpty and then try to back out of the room to head back to my cuppa, Richmond Baby does not approve of this and starts moaning and whinging in protest… I stop going in reverse and go back into the room and try to distract her with the excitement of a variety of rubbery chewy toys, then when she’s not looking, attempt to dart out of the room again and back to the cuppa.

7.45am          Cuppa is now cold.  I have a few gulps, then give up, throw it in the sink, and return to the playroom or take the opportunity to wash/sterilise a few bottles and finish loading the dishwasher.

7.55am          Remember to empty the cat litter before the cat develops another bout of stress-related cystitis, which is sometimes brought on by his disgust at having to do his business in an already less than perfectly clean tray.  Great, a cat with OCD, just what I need…

8.00-8.15am Bring Richmond Baby upstairs for her nap, spend some time getting her off to sleep, then once she’s snoozing, dash downstairs and put the kettle on – again!  This time, succeed in drinking hot cup of coffee, usually while catching up on some emails or stealing some time to write a quick blog post.  Maybe even stretch to putting on and eating some toast, sometimes even toast with Marmite – I know, I’m too good to myself, really I am….

Then, between 8.30am and whenever Richmond Baby next wakes, which on a bad day can be a mere 1/2 hour later but on a good day can be 1.5 hours later, I then attempt to cram the following in:

Shower; wash hair (well, every other day); brush teeth; tidy up bathroom following shower; brush/dry hair; get dressed – this takes time as I try to find (a) clothes that are clean, (b) clothes that are clean and fit, (c) clothes that are clean and fit and vaguely match; make bed; remember to feed cat; sort through and put on laundry; hang up laundry already in machine; try to maintain some level of bloggy/cyber activity; answer door to postman/courier/neighbour/annoying Eon energy man who won’t take no for an answer when he asks if we have considered switching our supplier….

Oh and start to think about what to give Richmond Baby for lunch, when suddenly….

Time’s up!  Wah, wah, wah from the baby monitor signals that bubba has surfaced from the land of nod, so it’s back upstairs to get her up, wash her face, get her dressed, and bring her downstairs for more playtime…. Oh and start frantically rushing about trying to prepare a delicious and nutritious lunch for my little angel.

11.30-11.45am  Richmond Baby chows down on said delicious and nutritious lunch – I may then also have a few spoonfuls of pureed something or other if it smells quite nice and is vegetable based (I can’t deal with the meat dishes pureed, ugh!)

Post lunch playtime (and maybe a bit of Micky Mouse Clubhouse on TV… yes, I know it’s wrong, but sometimes it’s just needed).

I grab some sort of confectionery that may be lying about – usually Chocolate Buttons or some sort of jelly sweets that Richmond Daddy has bought through the weekly Ocado shop and leaves lying around to tempt me: well when they’re within arms reach and you haven’t really eaten much, they’re just there, calling to me “Eat Me, Eat Me” – or failing that I might grab a Hob Nob, or if it’s a REALLY good episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, I might even get to make myself a bagel with ham and cheese – but that is a fairly rare occurrence these days.

1pm ish  Baby goes down for her lunchtime nap, I try to crack through a second wave of chores – either household related or blog/cyber related or Stella & Dot related – before 2pm hits and baby is usually awake again….

2.30pm  Baby’s afternoon bottle, after which we usually head out for some sort of activity, where it’s Gymboree or just a walk around the town, to the shops, meeting with friends etc.  If I’m lucky and it’s a coffee with mummy friends then I’ll get myself a latte and maybe a sandwich or a muffin, if it’s just a solo trip to the shops, then I’ll probably munch on some sweets – bad, but easy to eat one-handed while pushing the buggy….

5pm ish  Prepare baby’s dinner

5.30pm ish Baby has dinner

6pm ish  baby has bath and then gets dried and dressed for bed

6.15/6.30pm ish bedtime bottle of milk and then bed by 7pm

By which point I’m so ravenous that I might eat more pureed baby mush – lovely – or more Hob Nobs (I know, I know!) or if Richmond Daddy isn’t going to be too long I’ll wait for dinner.  On a good night, when I have the energy to cook, we might actually eat a decent meal, but on a not so good night, when I don’t then it might be pasta and pesto, or a pizza, or even a takeaway (but that’s not too often).

All in all, I think my 5-a-day (unless that’s 5 Hob Nobs a day) is seriously under par and I need to find a way to reintroduce a healthy eating plan to my life – but seriously, how does anyone with a baby find the time to eat healthily?!?!


*I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo 2011 – National Blog Posting Month – which means I am meant to blog every day in November.  As I unexpectedly and very sadly had to go to Ireland on the 4 November for a funeral, I’m now playing bloggy catch up, hence the retrospective posting

10 thoughts on “Food diary of a new(ish) mum, aged 36 and 2 months…

  1. Life improved beyond belief in this household when I was given a heated coaster. Bingo- hot coffee/tea for an entire morning without boiling the kettle 16 times or nuking said cuppa in the microwave for the umpteenth time (having opened microwave to find cup from yesterday….)
    5 a day? hmmm, trickier!! Juice counts as one serve, grapes can be eaten one handed and sandwiches prepared the night before once baba in bed? Take heart, it all improves and one day the whole world of biscuits and not just hob nobs will be around to play again 🙂

    • ooooh a heated coaster – wow, that’s a great idea! will have to investigate… yes, good idea, I must buy grapes and have them sitting on the table, they can replace the sweets – i think when I go back to work in Jan I might actually do better on eating healthier through the day!

  2. RM, it is a nightmare trying to stay healthy with a young baby but there are ways to get through it until she becomes a bit more independant.
    What I found useful was boxes of cereal bars, which I would keep in my handbag and generally all around the house plus you can eat them with one hand while still shaking rubber toys or between verses of humpty dumpty. Also useful are nairns cheesy oatcakes for snacking on – they come in handy portions of 6, which sounds a bit piggy but probably equivalent to 1 hobnob calorie wise 😉 Another thing I tried was to make up batches of spag bol, cottage pie, lamb tagines, casseroles etc at the weekend when the Greek God(zilla) was around. I’d freeze them and then just whip one out and reheat it.

    • Glad it’s not just me then – in fairness, if I didn’t prioritise blogging and tweeting and everything else over eating then I might do better, but I have to use my time wisely when I get it, and blogging wins out!! Thx for the tips though, yes, think I will be off to the supermarket to stock up on cereal bars, oatcakes (love those!) and grapes, as suggested by Juliette – here’s to good intentions! 🙂

  3. Great post! 🙂 I especially love the constant kettle boiling, but never managing to actually drink a hot drink. Ever since BF was born (2 1/4 years ago) I’ve struggled with trying to eat healthily – which always seemed to simple before her arrival.

    You can see my struggles here: and

    Safe to say MealPlanner.xls is no longer in use and it’s back to panic buying and trying to scrabble together something vaguely resembling healthy….

    • Thank you, ha ha yes, god knows the effect I’m having on the environment with all this kettle boiling – very bad! I’ll be sure to swing by your site and have a read of those links, am glad it’s not just me that seems to have let heathy eating go by the wayside, although must try harder! x

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