Allegra & Daddy’s Weekend of Fun…

Posted retrospectively for 6 November*

As I mentioned, I was away in Ireland over the weekend, so it was Daddy on duty for Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday: this is the most time Richmond Daddy has looked after baby totally by himself, without me being around at all.  And it would seem that he did rather a good job – well done Daddy: of course pointing out that I did leave 3x A5 sheets of instructions and individual pots of homemade food, labelled with each day/mealtime in the fridge and/or freezer for Richmond Baby, is unnecessary and would look like I am trying to take something away from his achievements, therefore I am not going to mention it.  Ahem.

Anyway, as I wasn’t here, I don’t know the full details of their adventures together, but here are some pictures of Richmond Baby appearing to be having a whale of a time without mummy being around….

Adventure One:  The Science Museum

Yes, Richmond Daddy – together with some friends and their toddler – took 8 month old Richmond Baby to The Science Museum, never to young too get geeky it would seem.  She loved it…

Adventure Two:

Fireworks display in Richmond – apparently she loved them and enjoyed a ride on the Disney Train there too (?!?), here she is briefly wearing and trying to remove her special protective ear muff thingys that I bought rather optimistically hoping she might keep them on during all the whizz-banging…

Photos and Fun courtesy of Richmond Daddy.

*I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo 2011 – National Blog Posting Month – which means I am meant to blog every day in November.  As I unexpectedly and very sadly had to go to Ireland on the 4 November for a funeral, I’m now playing bloggy catch up, hence the retrospective posting

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