This week I’m loving…

Posted retrospectively for 7th November*

It’s been a little while since I have done a TWIL feature, but there are a few things that I have been falling in love with lately and I thought it was time to share.  So, this week I’m loving…

Per Una Faux Fur Large Collar Jacket:  It’s furry. It’s plush.  It’s go-with-everything oyster colour.  It’s luxe.  It’s beautiful. What’s not to love?!  And it’s £79 from M&S, which I think is pretty amazing value.

It really is as beautiful as it looks!

Karvol Vaporiser:  Richmond Baby has been dwelling in Snotsville these past few days and snuffling away at night like a little piglet looking for truffles, poor thing.  I was sent a Karvol Vaporiser by the lovely people at Emma’s Diary, as a thank you for becoming an Emma’s Diary blogger, and decided to try it out.  Well, frankly, it’s amazing!  Baby can breathe more easily, the snuffling noise is completely gone, and she manages to get a pretty much uninterrupted night’s sleep despite her cold.  Literally, amazing.  If your baby has a cold, buy one, now!


And breeeeeeathe!

Malene Birger Scented Candle in Fig Tree

I guess it might be considered pricey at £29 (yes, that’s £29 for something you set fire to. £29 for something that burns, away, to nothing…), but, it smells absolutely divine and you only need to leave it burning for 5 minutes before it fills the house with the most gorgeous fig tree scent, which is the perfect fragrance for autumn/winter in my view. Mmmm, heavenly (and also does a good job of overpowering possible baby or cat related odours that may be wafting about…).

Mmmmm heavenly


*I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo 2011 – National Blog Posting Month – which means I am meant to blog every day in November.  As I unexpectedly and very sadly had to go to Ireland on the 4 November for a funeral, I’m now playing bloggy catch up, hence the retrospective posting

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