Time4You (a blog hop post)

It’s no surprise that once a baby enters your world, “time4you” pretty much all but disappears.  In between all that feeding, changing/cleaning, bathing, laundry, bottle sterilizing, and thumbing of parenting books, not to mention the hours spent worrying, I’m lucky if I allowed myself time to go to the toilet more than twice a day let alone had any quality “me time”.  And as for “us time”, forget it!

But, eight (almost 9) months on and things are a bit more settled, I’m generally feeling more on top of this whole being a mummy thing, and while I may still not go to the toilet every time I need to – it’s amazing how long I can hold it for if I really can’t leave bubba for whatever reason, who knew?! – I have managed to fit in some trips to the hairdresser here and there, the odd evening soak in a hot bath, a couple of nights of karaoke with friends, and even an evening of pampering at The Sanctuary with my best friend for my birthday.  Bliss.  But, these have all been made possible thanks to the wonderful support of my parents, in-laws, and indeed Richmond Daddy himself.

However, “time4you” as in time for us as a couple… that’s been a little on the thin side.

Everyone told us when I was pregnant, go out as much as possible together now, because once the baby arrives… But to be honest, we were never big on going out on a saturday night as it was – after all, eating delicious food at home with a nice bottle of red and then collapsing on our sofa in front of X Factor has always been more appealing that traipsing out to a restaurant, feeling mildly dissatisfied with the food, then struggling to get a cab or being stuck on a train with annoying drunkards late at night, before finally getting home and falling into bed.  I’m guessing we sound like total party poopers at this point? – we’re not, honestly, we’re just happy in our own company, in our own home… is that so wrong?!

Anyway, as I mentioned, time for us has been a bit thin on the ground, but in the eight (almost nine) months since Richmond Baby came into our lives, we have managed to steal a few moments together and actually, it has made me realise how very important it is to make sure we do have that time together to talk, to laugh, to remember who we are when we’re not in mummy and daddy and it’s your turn to clean up the poo/cat sick mode.

Back in September, Richmond Daddy booked tickets for us to go to an outdoor screening of cinematic classic ET that was being shown in Bushy Park, down the road from us.  It was to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  We packed a picnic, mum babysat, and off we went to the park with a couple of blankets and a VERY large outdoor cushion (which was, by the way, the envy of all other outdoor cinema go-ers there, we could have sold that cushion 10 times over that night!).  Snuggled up on the big cushion, warm under our blanket, munching on sausage rolls as the sun went down, and crying over “ET phone home”, it reminded me of how lovely it is just hanging out together.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the time we spend together as a family with Richmond Baby, she was/is an incredibly longed for baby and we still pinch ourselves that she’s here and she’s ours and we get to keep her!!  But there was something special about having that evening to spend together, just the two of us, just for a few hours, sipping some champagne, eating a nighttime picnic, and cuddling up under the stars.  There was no mention of poo, no mention of tiredness, no mention of laundry, putting the bins out, or not leaving clothes on the floor (I had to bite my tongue on that last one…).  And it was lovely.

Me and Richmond Daddy, lounging on our big cushion

So here’s to time4you.  Here’s to the nights out just you and your other half, drinking a bit more than you should, chatting about “stuff”, making each other laugh until a bit of your dinner shoots out of your nose (or is that just me?!), remembering who you are and not feeling guilty about savouring some child-free moments.

This blog post was written for South of the River Mum’s blog hop, the theme of which is Time4You.  There are some great prizes up for grabs for those taking part in the hop, so if you’re interested in entering just click here to read more, as well as browse the other entries.

3 thoughts on “Time4You (a blog hop post)

  1. That sounds like such a gorgeous night. It’s so hard to remember to look after your relationship with each other too when you are so busy looking after everyone and everything else. The last night out we had, just us two, was when we were in Greece this Summer. That’s 3 months ago! You have inspired me to do something about that and book a date in with my husband!

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