ASDA Baby Shower #1

It’s not often that Richmond Baby and I take the time to hang out in posh hotels.  There was that one time, at band camp, on my birthday, when we went to The Bingham in Richmond for afternoon tea, that was fun and quite posh, but other than that, generally we’re not a posh hotel dwelling duo.  They’re not usually all that baby-friendly.  But, last week, we had the pleasure of hanging out at One Aldwych, the 5-star luxury hotel in Covent Garden, which was the venue for the Asda Baby Shower.  And it was beautiful!

We started with a spot of lunch before we went up to the Asda event.  I had a Virgin Mary cocktail (yes, it was a liquid lunch, don’t judge, at least I didn’t go the whole hog and have a Bloody Mary at 2 in the afternoon!), and Richmond Baby had a small pot of baby porridge (she was recovering from a dodgy tummy, so we were reintroducing food slowly again) and some milk.  There we were, in amongst the suits and the ladies that were lunching, I think we slotted right in!

Anyway, lunch done, we then ascended in the very fancy lift – I think this was possibly a mind-blowing experience for Richmond Baby, not because she’s not been in a lift before, but because she’s certainly never been in a lift that looked like this:

The amazing psychedelic lift

We arrived at the fourth floor, and entered into the baby shower.  Oooh it was beautiful, the whole room was set out like a nursery and it was stunning.  And as Richmond Baby was the only baby there, she got to fully trial most of the items on display.  I give you, exhibit A:

Possibly for display purposes only...

The first thing that impressed me (and hence the reason why this post is marked as #1, there’s another to follow in due course on the second two things that impressed me…) was the absolutely beautiful range of nursery furniture that was on display and it was from the Asda collection!!  This surprised me, pleasantly so.  I honestly couldn’t believe how stylish and well-made it all looked, don’t forget, we’re talking about furniture from a supermarket here and it wouldn’t have looked out of place in a posh interiors shop in Richmond.

Asda has two main nursery furniture collections – Banbury and Malvern – and both are beautifully neutral in design, which means they’d look lovely against a backdrop of any colour scheme.  The Malvern range is timeless, with a framed shaker tongue and groove style and natural wood effect, but my personal favourite is the Banbury collection, for its simplicity, its clean contemporary lines, and white finish with wood effect edging.  I do love a bit of white furniture when it comes to a nursery and this was really beautiful.  Each collection has a cot, which converts into a junior bed, a wardrobe, and a baby changing unit (there are four or six drawer options), and they really are lovely – I only wish I’d know about them when we were shopping for nursery furniture this time last year.

Take a look for yourself….

The Banbury Collection

The cot/bed, in both the Banbury and/or Malvern collection, is priced at £299, wardrobes are £299, and then it’s £199 for the six drawer changing unit or £159 for the four drawer.  All excellent value and very affordable.

It was all I could do to stop Richmond Baby from climbing in and bedding down for a mid-afternoon nap, right there in the middle of the proceedings, it all looked so comfy cosy!

Both collections are available from Asda Direct online and would highly recommend taking a look if you’re in the market for some nursery furniture and don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it!

5 thoughts on “ASDA Baby Shower #1

  1. Hi there, thanks for your review of the banbury collection from Asda. I saw it online and was impressed as well, but when I looked at the measurements for the cot it seemed tiny compared to the cot bed we have already!! When I rand Asda they said the measurements on the web were correct did you think the cot bed seemed very small?

    • Thanks for your lovely comments about my blog 🙂
      Having seen the cot in real life, I would say that while it does seem a bit smaller that your average cot bed, it certainly didn’t seem tiny.

      I genuinely thought it looked like a really nice cot, I guess (from memory), perhaps it was a bit narrower than the standard cot bed but to be honest I can’t remember for definite.

      Not sure if that helps at all?!
      Good luck with baby number 2!

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