A new way to Christmas shop…

A short while ago, Richmond Baby and I were invited to attend a mummy blogger event with ShopStyle at Gambado in Chelsea.  I had never heard of ShopStyle before, but it had the word “shop” in the title and as the gathering was being held at a soft-play centre for children, I thought it sounded like a perfect day out for the two of us!

ShopStyle, I subsequently learnt, is a fashion search engine that allows you to shop for items from over 200 stores, all in one place.  So, let’s say you’re wanting to buy a scented candle for your mum for Christmas, instead of just hopping on to Google and typing in scented candle and then seeing 8,810,000 results (no lie), you can instead go onto ShopStyle, type scented candle into the search box, and it produces 27 pages of all scented candles available across a variety of retailers/brands from the UK high street and designer names as well as world-famous stores including Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue.  And the best bit, is that the pages are laid out a bit like a magazine gift guide, so you can see the products at a glance and it’s really easy to browse through.

You can also refine your search by Brand; Store; Sale; or Price, which makes it really easy to hone in on what you’re looking for as well as seek out the best deals on items.  One feature on ShopStyle that I particularly give the thumbs up to is the “sale alert”.  So, when you’ve fallen in love with something, but then realise it’s out of your price range, you can click a clever little “sale alert” button, which will then offer you the opportunity to have an email sent to you when the price drops on that particular item, so you don’t miss out. Genius.  You can also tick a list of your favourite brands and have ShopStyle email you when any of them have a sale on.  Again, genius.  But also dangerous…

When you’ve found something you want to buy, you don’t actually buy it from ShopStyle, you click on the item and it then takes you through to the store/brand website where you purchase it as you would normally.  But I can see that going via ShopStyle as your search engine, would certainly save you time and effort as well as money potentially, and given that I’ve always hated trawling the shops at this time of year and have set myself the task of trying to do everything online, from the comfort of my own home, preferably in my PJs, I think I might be cruising ShopStyle quite a lot over the coming days/weeks.

There’s also a nifty little ShopStyle iPhone (and iPad)app, which is free and rather good and means you can shop on the move too: I’ve downloaded it and have already made quite a bit of use of it for searching for gifts as you can search by categories, which is really helpful, especially if you’re shopping for someone and have no idea what to buy.

All in all we had a lovely day out, me drinking hot coffee (the novelty), eating yummy flapjacks and catching up with my bloggy friends Alice and Maria, and meeting new bloggy friends like Bryony, while all the little ones played together and rolled around everywhere other than on the soft mats that had been laid out for them… isn’t that always the way?! And Richmond Baby also made the most of the 0-2 year old soft play area at Gambado, although I did almost lose her for good in the cavernous ball-pool… All good fun, thank you ShopStyle for a lovely day out 🙂


Always loves a ball pool

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