She’s a GIRL!!!

I know it (probably) happens to mums everywhere and it’s something I shouldn’t get upset about, but when people repeatedly talk about my beautiful baby girl as a “him” or a “he” or a “happy little boy” – it does get my goat a bit!  I mean, if you’re not sure, then you just say – “what’s your little one’s name”, right?! so does that mean that all those people who ask me “what’s his name”, they’re all absolutely sure that I have a bouncing baby boy in my Bugaboo?!

It doesn’t usually bother me.  The woman on the till at Waitrose who I always seem to end up going to, long ago established Richmond Baby in her mind as a boy and I didn’t bother to correct her, it seemed too awkward.  But now, every time I’m at her till, there she is saying “hello again happy little boy” and “he smiles so much doesn’t he” – yessssss, he does… But hey, it’s not that big a deal, I let it slide.

Then there are the old ladies in lifts.  Usually in WH Smiths or some such other store where you only discover they have a lift once you have a buggy to get about with and so there you are in the lift, with the only other person really needing to use a lift, usually an octogenarian in a crazy purple hat with a wheelie bag, and when they comment on your beautiful baby boy and ask if he’s sleeping through the night, you just smile sweetly and say yes, and not bother to highlight their mistake.

So, as I said, I’m used to it happening on the odd occasion.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen some of the time, and when it does, I don’t let it bother me.  After all, I acknowledge that babies are babies and sometimes it’s hard to tell (although I don’t think it is hard to tell that my baby is a baby girl, quite often she’s dressed in some sort of shade of pink, the clues are there people!).

But yesterday, it happened a couple of times, and this bothered me, a bit.  Maybe I was generally feeling tired and emotional and it got under my skin a bit more than it ever would normally, but anyway, whatever the reason, it did bother me.  A bit.

We were at a Christmas party, there was a singing/performing lady there.  She was very jolly and doing lots of waving hands and singing songs and blowing bubbles – the usual malarkey to entertain a group of under one year olds.  And then she says, loud and proud in front of the whole group of mums and babies, pointing at Richmond Baby – who was dressed as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (it was a Christmas party after all, one must indulge in a little fancy dress at this time of year, no?!), which may have caused some of the confusion, who knows – “can you just move him out of the centre as I put out the parachute” and then later on, when singing a song about currant buns, she says (giving one to Richmond Baby) “along came a little boy…” – as Richmond Baby happily took the plastic bun, unaware of being given a sex change in the process.  Sigh.

As I said, it wouldn’t normally bother me.  Only then every other mum in the room (apart from my lovely NCT friend who knows the truth!) had established Richmond Baby as a “he” and referred to “him” accordingly.  Double sigh.  And then when we went into the second half of the Christmas party, with another set of entertainers, one chap says “oh, my son had a Rudolph suit too, they’re great”… SHE’S A GIRL!!!! I wanted to shout, very loudly, very very loudly.  Seriously people!!

But of course I didn’t.  I bit my tongue.  I couldn’t be bothered with the conversation.  And the slight awkward embarrassment on their part. And the “hey, don’t worry about it” on my part.  Tedious.

And then to top it all off, a fellow mum whose little one has been in the same swimming class as Richmond Baby for the last 10-weeks, says to me – when I referred to the fact that   “I can’t believe Allegra is coming up for 10 months, she’s growing so fast” – this mum exclaims, “what?!?! she’s a girl?!?! oh gosh, I thought you had a boy because he/she’s so stocky looking – wow, she’s a girl!”  I mean, seriously?!?! The tact chip is clearly missing in this woman…

Anyway, just in case anyone is in any doubt, can I just say, here and now:


And here is a beautiful girly picture of her to prove it…

Pretty (and girly!) in pink!

Rant over.  Slightly ranty voice now put away for the day.

And breathe.


10 thoughts on “She’s a GIRL!!!

    • I can’t believe Zachy gets mistaken for a girl, he’s so obviously a boy – although he is very pretty with those big big eyes so maybe that’s why! Maybe I will start correcting people, I will embrace the correcting! xx

  1. I feel your pain. Everyone thinks Bea is a boy. Granted she sometimes wears Ollie’s cast offs but even when she’s dressed in a pink dress people STILL call her a boy. The only thing I can think of is that she still doesn’t have any hair. It’s a bit like when I could never get into clubs because I was 5ft nothing and flat chested. I couldn’t possibly be 18 without boobs could I? Ur yes. I am now 34 without boobs. Anyway, luckily Baby Bea and baby Allegra will go grow hair and then maybe people will get it.

    • That is just bizarre, I mean I think Bea is so obviously a girl, she’s beautiful with those big blue eyes – she looks so clearly girly, people are stupid! I think you’re right, the hair helps – Allegra has a fair bit of hair but of course it is still short, so when it’s longer and has clips in then maybe people will see more easily that she’s a girl!! Haha I did laugh at your comment about getting into clubs, ah well, you’ll have the last laugh when you haven’t got enormous boobs down by your knees because you’re so lovely and slim 🙂 xx

  2. Anna too often gets mistaken for a boy and she, like Allegra, is often wearing pink, purple, red, flowers, spots, slogan stating ‘I’m a girl’ (well, no I’m lying about the last example) – it’s really annoying. And like you I often can’t be bothered to correct them either as don’t want to engage in a conversation and/or am embarrassed that they think my beautiful little GIRL is a boy. And as for the stocky comment…how rude! Allegra looks beautiful in the photograph x

    • ha ha yes am starting to think about getting Allegra to wear an “I’m a girl” badge!! maybe I’ll make one for Anna too – poor little thing! I think it’s quite obvious that both of them are girls, people are just clueless! Hope to see you very soon, will give you a buzz before Xmas to catch up, want to hear how the Christening went, so sorry we missed it xxx

  3. Elfie has been mistaken for a boy on many occasions which is why she permanently has a pink, purple or sparkly hair clip in! I can’t understand why people mistake Allegra for a boy, she is clearly a girl.

    I adore your gorgeous new look! xx

    • She so does not look like a boy, even without the sparkly hair clips! I think I might go the way of the hair clip though in time, once Allegra has enough hair! 🙂

      And thank you… 🙂

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