Kids Christmas Outfit Blog Hop

The lovely F over at From Fun to Mum has started a fun festive blog hop all about kids Christmas outfits: should you, or should you not?!  I had to join in.  I remember, ever since finding out I was pregnant with Richmond Baby, that one of the things I was most looking forward to was the opportunity to dress her up in comedy seasonal outfits.  Yes, just for the hell of it.  I know in the future she’s unlikely to thank me and certainly when I rock out the pictures in 18 years time in front of a (likely to be) unsuitable boyfriend who has come to visit for Sunday lunch she’ll probably be mortified, but these factors alone are not enough to stop me.  And so, I give you….

Seasonal Outfit One:  The Reindeer

Richmond Baby, the red-cheeked reindeer

This little number is an all-in-one velour bodysuit with hood and antlers attached.  It is cosy, it is warm, it is reindeery, it is CUTE! and I think it’s nicely Christmasy without being too obvious.  Yes, I’d even go as far as to call it subtle.  Ahem.  Red cheeks are model’s own.  I think technically it was still November when Richmond Baby got dressed up in this get-up; we started Christmas early in the Richmond household this year.

Seasonal Outfit Two:  The Christmas Pudding

Mummy's little pudding

Another day, another velour suit, but this time a two-piece.  We’re talking all in one bodysuit Christmas pudding design, with coordinating hat (although, I’m not going to lie, the hat was generally opposed to by Richmond Baby – it seems the girl is only prepared to go so far in the dress up stakes).  She wore this festive costume to our church’s Christmas fair recently and it went down a storm and kept her very cosy.  Here are another couple of photos of her in the pudding suit, just because they’re cute and I couldn’t resist posting them:

Trying to get the hat on!

Cute, but possibly "over it" on the costume front now

Thanks to the generosity of family members – who also embrace the whole dress your child up in seasonal outfits trend – we have a further two festive suits to get showcase before we’ve worked through the whole of her Christmas costume wardrobe.  So, keep your eyes peeled, between now and December 25th, Richmond Baby will be rocking a snowman outfit and a Christmas fairy costume.  Can’t wait!  Pictures to follow…

10 thoughts on “Kids Christmas Outfit Blog Hop

  1. OMG! Seeing Richmond Baby in her cute outfits is making me wanting to buy one for Little Miss G now. What truly started to persuade me is the humiliating photos for the surely unsuitable boyfriend in 18 years! I might buy one online tonight after all. Thanks Richmond Baby and Richmond Mummy!

  2. She looks adorable! We had the pudding outfit last year (and the snowman one I’ve just seen in your Silent Sunday!) as well as an Elf outfit, naturally.

    This year Elfie’s been lucky enough to get away with only one festive outfit – a lovely Mrs Claus dress that she will be sporting on Christmas day!

    • Thank you! I am a big one for seasonal outfits but I didn’t even have the chance to buy any of these as my various family members all bought and gave them to us so we’ve had quite a job to work through them all! I think she’ll be wearing her Christmas fairy costume on “the big day” – look forward to seeing pics of Elfie as Mrs Claus, hee hee 🙂 xx

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