My 365+1 Project

And a happy new year to you all!  Here’s hoping that 2012 is going to be a corker.  It’ll be the year I return to work and try my hand at juggling being a mum and being a top-notch (ish) PR professional despite the snot on my shoulder and the faint waft of sick; it’ll be the year that Richmond Baby turns 1 and I’ll marvel at how fast time has flown and how my bubba is growing up so fast; it’ll be the year that the Olympics come to town, will it be the year that we actually win a decent hoard of medals?! – hope so.  Whatever you’re looking forward to in 2012, I hope that it turns out to be a happy, healthy, and successful year for you, with fun times in bucket loads!

So, with the renewed energy and enthusiasm of the new year, I have decided to embark upon a new project (ahem, yes, this is slightly against my own better judgement and certainly against Richmond Daddy’s wishes, he already thinks I spread myself too thinly…) and it is: the 365 Project…

For those unaware, the 365 Project is basically a photography challenge that thousands of people around the world take part in and now, I am going to join in the fun (well, I hope it’ll be fun anyway).  The idea is that you decide on a theme and then you take a photograph every day, for 365 days, which represents that theme and you blog it.

I have decided that my theme for 2012 will be:  365 Days of Richmond

So, I will be taking a photograph in/of Richmond, every day this year.  I won’t blog the pictures individually each day, I’ll probably do a post every week/every couple of weeks, with a round-up of the pictures taken over that period.  I will also be uploading my photos to the 365Project website, so you can follow my journey over there if you fancy it.

By the end of the year, if I make it, I hope to have an album of photographs that catalogues  the wonderful place that I call home: Richmond.  The day-to-day goings on mixed in with the one-off events, the ordinary and the extraordinary, a collection of pictures that show a year in the life of this great town.

Here’s my very first photo, day one of my 365+1 project (oh, by the way, the +1 accounts for the fact that 2012 is a leap year :-)).  It was taken this morning in Richmond Park as Richmond Daddy, Baby, and I enjoyed a new year’s day stroll:

Here’s to the next 364 days, oh, plus one!

Wish me luck!

28th January 2012…. Update:  have sadly had to scrap this project as it was proving too difficult to do each day now I have gone back to work.  Such a shame, but am having to quit.  Good luck to everyone else doing 366 this year.

10 thoughts on “My 365+1 Project

  1. I like this idea. It will mean that I also make more of an effort in the morning just in case you happen to snap me in the background of one of your photos as I go to work. I hope you are all set to return to work, I’m sure it will go really well.

    Happy New Year.

    • Thank you! I hope I can make a success of the project, will be great to look back on a year of Richmond pics 🙂 Ooh, you’ll have to look out for yourself in the pics, you never know, I might just snap you! 🙂 Yes, pretty much all set for Tuesday, fingers crossed it’ll prove to work out well for both me and the little one. Happy New Year to you too x

  2. Hi I am also participating in Project 365 for 2012 (Photograph and share the story of a Veteran a Day).

    I have added you to my blogroll and look forward to watching your blog all year long. =)

  3. Good luck with it and I am sure that you will succeed- I am trying to post a photo up every day but god knows what will happen when I am away etc! Oh well I can at the least try! Its nice to have a theme- mine are all just going to be a random mishmash! Looking forward to looking at your photos. x

    • Thank you! And good luck to you too. Have had to take a few night time ones these past few days as trying to fit in around travelling to/from work! yes, not sure what to do when I’m away either…. hmmm… look forward to seeing yours too xx

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