Project 366: Week One

So I have completed my first week of my first 366 Project.  In truth, it’s been a challenging week to start out on the project because it’s also been the first week of being back at work post maternity leave.  This has meant that instead of pottering around Richmond, as I have been doing for the past 12 months, I have been leaving home in the dark to travel up to London and get to work, then arriving home in the dark also.  Damn those winter days! The net result, as you’ll see from the below, is that my first seven days of photos aren’t entirely inspired, but they do illustrate where I’ve been in Richmond this week (and the time I’ve spent in/around the station!).  There are also a couple taken in the dark, which are examples of panic pictures taken before the day ended and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t done my pic for that day!

Anyway, regardless of the fact that I don’t have an incredible range of shots just yet, I am pleased with myself for managing to make it to seven days in a row, I’ll have to try harder in this second week to take some more interesting photos otherwise I’ll have a lot of photos of the station again!

Day One: Richmond Park on New Year's Day

Day Two: Richmond railway station by night

Day Three: A deserted town centre on a Tuesday night

Day Four: Waiting for the 8.24 train

Day Five Vineyard Passage Burial Ground

Day Six: A Friday afternoon stroll by the river

Day Seven: Captured on camera, a herd of deer in Richmond Park (no sign of Fenton...)

There you have it then, seven days in the life of Richmond-Upon-Thames.  Here’s to the next seven…

16 thoughts on “Project 366: Week One

    • hahaha I know, every time I go through Richmond park now I have to say “Fenton… Fenton… Jesus Christ!!” – too funny! Thank you, yes, survived the first week okay, made a big difference having Friday off – hooray for having Fridays! xx

  1. They really do tell a lot about your daily life, some fabulous shots in there. Keep going with it, once the weather picks up it’s easier to find material!

    Thanks for linking up to #Project366

    • I know, my daily life being going to work, dropping the little one off at nursery, returning from work at the moment… but yes, it’s a lovely record of Richmond none the less – am determined to keep going with it! great to be able to link up too 🙂 and I’m loving your pics of the boy xx

  2. hello! i see you have been busy capturing Richmond. i really love day 2 and 3 as i like the lights in them and your day 7 is amazing to see deer in Richmond Park!
    i cannot wait to see next weeks photos x

    • thank you! you too 🙂 yes, so far so good, a bit overwhelming at times, but generally all going fine (apart from the lump in my throat in the mornings and having to fight back the tears saying goodbye to Allegra each day :-()

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