That feisty Italian mamma over at from Fun To Mum has tagged me in the 7x7x7x7 meme, so I now need to wrack my brains and come up with a post to tell you about 7 posts that I read and liked by other bloggers (not sure if that’s meant to be recent posts or if I can delve back into the archives, I’m going to do the latter so I have more scope to answer this bit!), 7 bloggers who I follow and like, and 7 things about myself… which feels quite a challenge, but here goes…

7 Posts:

Driving Home for Christmas – it might not be recent, but it is laugh out loud

It’s a boy! – again, not a particularly recent one, but the end line of this post made me spurt out my tea from laughing when I read it

Day 1 of hell – a post from last year from one of my favourite makes-me-laugh bloggers

What not to ask a pregnant woman – so true, anyone who’s ever been through pregnancy will identify with this and if you’re pregnant now, definitely read it!

Homemade Photography Gift for Valentine’s Day – a great idea and crafty inspiration

Deaf and Dumb or Sex in the Swimming Pool – hilarious post about a mum of two who’s clearly “still got it!” and also, another post about a swimming pool related adventure – who knew it could provide such bloggy inspiration?!

The Jockstrap has landed – most amusing, a must read!

7 Bloggers I follow and highly recommend:


Postcards from Pramstead

More Than Toast

Not a Notting Hill Mum

12 Hours to Bedtime

From Fun to Mum

Northern Mummy with Southern Children

7 Things About Me:

  1. I am a karaoke nut, although don’t get to go much these days, and love singing “Knew You Were Waiting” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin (both parts!)
  2. As well as being a mummy and a PR and a general run-around, I am also a stylist for Stella & Dot, which means I sell stunning jewellery at in home parties and online
  3. I can say 3 phrases in Japanese: “What it is?”, “It is rice wine”, “Please give me some rice wine” – handy, no?
  4. I once toured a chocolate factory with Claudia Winkleman and we both had to wear hardhats and white coats, it was très glamourous!
  5. I have riden on rickshaws in Vietnam and swum with stingrays in Antigua
  6. I got married in Italy, in the church my parents married in over 30 years ago, and we said our vows in Italian (well done Richmond Daddy, no mean feat when you don’t speak the lingo!)
  7. I love dancing around the living room with Richmond Baby to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga

Tag, you’re it!

The 7 bloggers I’m now tagging are…


Postcards from Pramstead

More Than Toast

Not a Notting Hill Mum

12 Hours to Bedtime

Northern Mummy with Southern Children

Sticky Fingers

14 thoughts on “7x7x7x7

  1. There are some blogs I have not heard of there so will definitely have to check them out- thanks for the tips! From what you have said I think we would get on great, are you going to either of the blogging conferences this year? We need to chat more. x

    • That would be lovely 🙂 I am going to BritMums Live this year – are you? would be lovely to see you there and chat 🙂 Yes definitely check out those blogs I mentioned on this post, lots of great ones and really funny too, think you’d enjoy xx

  2. A great post, and not just because you are complimentary about me! I will get onto this very soon. Somehow time for blogging is a bit scarce at the moment but I just need to drag myself off the sofa in the evenings and/or stop going to bed quite so early! x

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Richmond Mummy! That’s so romantic that you got married in the same church as your parents! I got married in Antigua; I wonder if you were swimming with the stingrays while I was saying my wedding vows 🙂

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