My North London counterpart, the very lovely Postcards from Pramstead, has tagged me in this Sunshine Award meme that is designed to bring a little bit of brightness to an otherwise cold and chilly month.  I’m honoured to have been tagged, so without further ado, I shall attempt to do my best in answering these very taxing Mastermind style pop quiz questions.  Here we go…

Favourite Colour: it’s all about the perfect grey for me.  I’m a little bit obsessed actually.  When we were painting our kitchen, I had the perfect pale grey colour in mind for the walls and we chose a paint, had our lovely painter/decorator/builder paint the whole kitchen, and then I decided it was way too lilac and totally not grey.  So had to send him off to Homebase with a grey cardi of mind to have a “colour match” paint created, that’s how committed I am to the perfect grey.  We had to have the whole kitchen repainted (well, I did tell Richmond Daddy we should have bought a sample pot first…) – but I’m glad we did, or I would have kept looking at those lilac walls in despair.  I have since discovered Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Gray, so no longer have to march down to the local DIY store armed with knitwear.  Praise be.

Favourite Animal: I’m a cat person.  Not a crazy cat person, I don’t have like 23 of them roaming feral around the house or anything, just the one (although sometimes he can be a bit feral…) – Pigalle, named after the area of Paris we stayed in once on holiday, we thought it sounded like a good cat name (although people always mishear us when we pronounce it and think his name is”Big Al”… it is not).

Favourite non-alcholic drink: I’m quite partial to a Virgin Mary, or failing that, just a good  cup of tea – fairly strong, no sugar, dash of milk.  Ideally with a Hob Nob (Chocolate) on the side.

Facebook or Twitter: increasingly Twitter actually, but love FB for the photos… although must stop looking at random people’s holiday snaps…

Favourite Number: not sure I really have one.  I’ll say 21 – because it’s Allegra’s birthdate, so it’s a special special number.

Favourite Day of the Week: Friday – I don’t work, Allegra doesn’t go to nursery, the rest of the world hasn’t started the weekend, it’s our bonus day before the actual weekend begins.  And there’s something great about that Friday night, embarking on the weekend feeling.

My Passion: mainly karaoke my family, my friends, my blog, music, the pursuit of happiness via the simple pleasures in life like a walk in Richmond park on a spring day or making Richmond Baby laugh by bouncing her up and down and letting her pretend fall through my knees (she loves that!).

Getting or Giving Presents: who doesn’t love getting presents?! love it.  But actually, I think I probably love giving presents more.  To know you’ve sought out the perfect present and to see someone’s face light up when they open it, love that.

Favourite Pattern: I like a stripe, particularly Breton.  I like a polka dot spot, particularly Emma Bridgewater.  And I do also like a bit of Toile de Juoy, particularly in a pale grey colour-way.

Favourite Flower: I’m partial to peonies, but my absolute favourites in the floral world are hydrangeas, for their blooming fullness and beautiful different colours.  A hydrangea plant makes me very happy, I have numerous very good faux hydrangeas about the house in rustic style jugs, mainly because whenever I buy real ones (as plants rather than single blooms), I seem to kill them off quite quickly.  I am not green-fingered sadly…

Now I’m going to tag a couple of my favourite bloggers to bring a bit of sunshine into our gloomy February days:

Mummy, Daddy, & Me Makes Three

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy

7 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Lovely post – thanks for joining in. Your cat is beautiful; just the type that I’ve always wanted. I love the fact that he fits in nicely to your grey colour scheme too! I’ve got a few faux hydrangeas too – cheers the place up and last a whole lot longer than the real thing (though they don’t smell quite as good!). Let’s hope this meme brings some real sunshine; today’s forecast is quite uninspiring!

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